A good catch

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Idiomatic translations of "A good catch"

Bon parti
Jó fogás
Un buon partito
Bom partido
dobra prilika
Buen partido

Meanings of "A good catch"


Someone (usually male) who could be described as the ideal partner - educated, well-spoken, clean, and any other nice attribute you could think of.

Explained by Rezz on Sat, 10/02/2018 - 03:13
Explained by Rezz

завидная пара/партия (обычно мужчина), идеальный партнёр.

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Explained by St. Sol

"A good catch" in lyrics

Vanessa da Mata - Marry me

My prince, my guest, my husband

Marry me before it dawns
Marry me before you don't seem to be a good catch
Before I give up, marry me
I want to say forever that I deserve you

Fiddler on the Roof (OST) - Matchmaker

Chava! I've found him! Will you be a lucky bride!
He's handsome. He's tall! That is, from side to side.
But he's a nice man, a good catch, Right? Right!
You've heard he has a temper. He'll beat you every night.
But only when he's sober- so you're all right!

Eisbrecher - Sweetwater Fish

You are too big, I gotta portion you up
I took you home in one piece.

A good catch, my bosom swells
Upon that which lays before me and now I desire.

Mia Borisavljević - I would have melted with you

I know you wouldn't resist me
even if you were crazy.

Hey, people say that I am a good catch
the strongest one in town
everyone dreams of me, chasing me

Pierangelo Bertoli - The Fisherman

Throw your nets, it will be a good catch,
and sing your songs, so the storm will calm down
Think, think of your child, of the greeting he sent you
and your wife, awake since early morning, spoke to God about you
spoke to God about you

Teesy - SOS

You share my music but not my feelings.
And that's it goes, all around the world; hey, believe me, I know.
And getting to know a girl is really not that easy.
But when you think you've got a good catch, then get her number, take a breath, and call.
And if she likes you, then grab your chinos.
Embrace the world, and go with her to the movies.

Anna Divali - Top Of The World

Call for your angel,he's worth pleading
don't bow down to those who want you needing

Stroke the match,'cause I'm a good catch
goals aren't meant just for football,you know
They're ass well meant for all the ladies

Mayra Andrade - Upon the waves

But I don’t lose faith, and with my eyes raised to heaven,
I implore God to make still the waves,
So that you can return with ease,
With a good catch and a little time to stay with me
A little time when I need worry no more….

Eminem - Won't Back Down

Oh, you're the kind of girl that I could take a liking to
Psych! I'm spiking you like a football
Been this way since I stood a foot tall
You're a good catch with a shitty spouse, got a pretty mouth and a good jaw
Give me good brain, watch the wood-grain
Don't want no cum stain..bitch, you listening?

Roll Deep - Green Light

All it takes is a week, one smile and a drink
I say a couple words, and she might be a link
I like the fact that she aint wearin' a ring, and she ain't lookin' at him
We're the perfect match, what a good catch
She's 10 out of 10, I've gotta keep that
She's so far gone, the green lights on - I aint gonna turn back