hang the moon

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Meanings of "hang the moon"


(idiomatic, US) To consider someone to be extraordinary, the best, or exceptionally wonderful.

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"hang the moon" in lyrics

Insomnium - Down With The Sun

Maid of twilight, lass of duskfall
Hang the moon on the sky's arch
Soothe the weight of a darkling day

Lara Fabian - Ode to Love

If you asked me to...

I would hang the moon off
I would steal fortunes

Alan Jackson - The One You're Waiting On

Is he funny, is he witty
Does he tell you that you're pretty
Did he hang the moon, did he do no wrong
Is he Mr. Right, I wonder what he's like

Phoenix legend - Mrs. Shexiang

Stepping into the river, cliff opposing another cliff
Weining grass and begonia flowers blossoming
Who hang the moon in the sky
Shining on what would like to be said flowing as ocean