Hanya Cinta Yang Bisa (English translation)

English translation

Only love can

I convinced myself that I don’t deserved to be happy.
Since you left without my knowledge. And now you’re back, bringing gifts of happiness.
If I recall, you tried to steal them (i.e. refers to happiness) from me once, and now you are offering it to me again.
Please don’t leave me again. For it would be difficult when I am alone.
Let us feel happiness, for I wish to be with you always, in every opportunity and time.
I am aware, you are not the only one. Reignite my dream. Your presence makes me a believer again of something beautiful even more than I can dream of.
Only love can triumph over revenge. To feel touch only by the sincerity of love. For only love can bring peace in hatred.
For only a heartfelt love can redeem the missing spaces and time.
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Hanya Cinta Yang Bisa