High ground

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Idiomatic translations of "High ground"

Una spanna più in alto
Una spanna sopra
Un gradino più in alto

Meanings of "High ground"


Figuratively, a position of superiority in a debate. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Explained by Icey

"High ground" in lyrics

Marco Mengoni - Warrior

I will give you certainties against the fears
To see the world over the high ground
Don't afraid of anything, I will be by your side

Hillsong Church - Transfiguration

Verse 3:
Lead my longing heart
To the high ground, to a clear view
And in awe I'll be there

Mika - Step With Me

What it's like to lose my senses?
Always looking for the chance
From the high ground to the ditches
But the chance I'll never miss

Nebelkorona - Leaves in the wind

Dancing leaves in the wind tell about the pas
Once like a fortress now frail and old
the dark oak on a high ground on the side of the forest
my thought taken away by the cool wind

Poetry - I was a hunter

And went away so that she wouldn't see me.

To not be seen from that high ground
And from tall woods full with thorn,

Stratovarius - Emancipation Suite Part II: Dawn

Under burning sky
Flames are rising high
Ground is turning red,
All but one is dead

Farid Hasanov - live

say " wounded heart .." it gets down
sky high ..ground down
shoot it ..give a bullet ..of darkness of pain

September - Star Generation

They're singing it in Paris freaking out
They're running wild in Rio it's so loud
Theirs a party on every street in high ground
Singapore to Cairo

Ito Kashitaro - The Nighthawk's Star

It will forever burn with pale light, anywhere you be, the wish of the nighthawk
It continues to shine on the high ground. It is shining

Alex Megane - Hurricane

So we took cover from the pouring rain
In an old broken down forgotten place
Up on high ground where
The flood wouldn't drown us

Louden Swain - Big One

There's a raincloud and its heading back my way
There's a valley where they're giving out heartbreak
I'm on high ground but I tell you I'm sliding down

House of Heroes - Lose Control

I feel it in my bones
Like a rolling stone
You'll never find me on the high ground
I lose control

Black Lab - Anything

It could have been anyone
Any rumor passed around
Someone made her doubt me, made her head for high ground.
It could have been anything

Christy Moore - North and South of the River

North and south of the river

Some high ground is not worth taking
But some connections are not worth making