Huanghun (黃昏) (English translation)

English translation


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after a whole summer
the pain hasn't gotten a bit better
driving boundlessly on the freeway
there's a feeling of being detached from myself
can't finish singing a song
dark circles under the eyes are still left by tiredness*
the world of emotions
cannot avoid having hurt present
no matter how beautiful nightfall is, it must give way to the dark night
still remember the "goodbye" coming out of your mouth with iron determination
in the dimness, there was an illusion of being scorched by the sun
the horizon of nightfall
traced the words of leaving
love entered into everlasting night
still remember the tears of despair sliding from your eyes
in the chaos, there was an illusion of being scalded by hot tears
the horizon of nightfall
slits through the bliss and joy
our love has been disillusioned
Submitted by embryonique on Sun, 12/09/2010 - 12:03
Author's comments:

* implies that the tiredness is old and fading away, but the mark of dark circles still remains


Huanghun (黃昏)