Hulkoff - Erilaz

  • Artist: Hulkoff (Hulkoff)
  • Album: Kven


Ginugahelija hagala wiju bi gaia [I invoke hail into this spear]
The shaft of this spear has been marked with runes
To invoke a raging storm of hail
It is marked with the sign of the sun and the moon
And shall grant us the force to prevail
I am Erilaz, war-chief of Gothic blood
And I chant to cleanse my tribe of fear
For in honor of Wotan the warrior god
I hurl the chieftain's spear
I bid thee Wotan receive the souls
Of my valiant tribesmen slain
Where the iron meet bone and heads doth roll
And the fire arrows rain
Keep thy watchful eye on the brethren of mine
And let victory adorn our fate
For my life is thyne
As judgment doth await
I summon death
I summon fire
I summon Tiwaz for his ire
Let the jangle of the scramasax be the only sound I hear
I summon hail
I summon thunder
Until our foe is torn asunder
Ek Erilaz, muha haite - the one who throws the spear
I wear no armor upon my chest
Nor do I hide behind a shield
For Wotan watches from the highest crest
Upon this battlefield
I shall slay and burn and slay again
Until the burning of Rome
I fear not death, I fear not pain
I am already home
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