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Inch Allah

I had dreamed for so long
of a journey to the Orient.
Yet I hardly saw the Eastern Lands
as fairytales depict them.
As I watched Jerusalem bloom
amidst sand and rocks,
It seemed a music hung in the air,
a distant and quiet requiem.
Signs warn of the danger,
written in bright fiery letters.
Don't move, Maria Magdalena,
a trip to the well would be your demise.
Inch Allah, Inch Allah, Inch Allah, Inch Allah.
The olive tree weeps, for it would like so much
to provide shade for those who lie
there, so close and yet so far away
and rest forever in a foreign land.
Oh Lord, you must be hovering quite high above.
Could it be that you don't know
that children are fearing for their lives
every day, here in your own land?
Inch Allah, Inch Allah, Inch Allah, Inch Allah.
I think the word Jerusalem
will summon for the rest of my life1
the music that lingers there,
this distant and quiet requiem.
A requiem for millions
on whose graves no name is written,
but for whom millions of trees
are now growing in the desert sand.
Inch Allah, Inch Allah, Inch Allah, Inch Allah.
  • 1. lit. "I think i will hear for the rest of my life, along with the word Jerusalem..."
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Beautiful adaptation. I'd like to translate the longer version someday.

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Inch Allah

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