Ja nisam srecan covek (English translation)


Ja nisam srecan covek

Hej ti, davna noci
gde su one ruke, gde su one oci
zar bez njene ljubavi da zivim
Ja nisam srecan covek
otkad ode drugom
a ode drugom
ostavi me s tugom
aman, aman ja
Hej ti, zoro bela
sto si nevesela
moja zoro bela
zar za mene srece vise nema
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English translation

I'm not a happy man

Hey you, you night that happened long ago
Where are those hands, where are those eyes?
Do I have to live without her love?
I'm not a happy man
since she's left with another man
and shen left with another man
the only thing she left me was the sorrow
oh, my God, poor me
Hey you, light dawn
Why are you so unhappy?
my light dawn
Is there no happiness for me anymore?
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