Anjing (安静) (English translation)

English translation


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The remaining piano with me all day long.
The cello fall asleep. Silent and old.
I think you show your feel very clearly.
I know & I understant. You leaved without regret
You said you'dl be sad,too.But I don't believe that
It is past that I walked hand in hand with you.
I wish he would love you more than I did.
If so, I will leave with reluctance.
How barrassed I am.I don't want to break up with you at all.
Why do you want me face it with smiling.
Tolerate you and forgive him? I am not good at this.
Don't worry about me. I will be fine.
You had been far away from me.
Why should I accommodate myself to leave you
I don't have the talent to be silent that soon.
I will learn to away from you. Beacuse I love you so much.
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Anjing (安静)

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