J'la croise tous les matins (English translation)

English translation

I see her every morning

I see her every morning, 5:40AM
she's going to catch her train, and i go back home
she starts the day, always on time
but light makes me affraid
she has this inaccessible self-confidence
from those who were born Lucky
She is beautiful, like daygirls
like those who haven't anything to hide
and i always wait before going home
just to look at her
by seeing her, we figure out neat kids
a man, the smell of coffee
the life one thinks of, before getting busted
the life i will never have
And i feel pathetic
dirty from my nights' smokes
I was born guilty
guilty of desire, her world is forbidden
i curse the week-ends
when the others stole her from me
until next monday, 5:40AM
she's going to catch her train... and i go back home

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J'la croise tous les matins

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