Kazach'ya (Казачья) (English translation)

English translation

Cossack's song.

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Under the evening glow towards the river is sunset,
In advance we knew, all that wasn't, and that was.
Only the bullet as fast as cossack in the steppe(can catch up with..exact translation)
Only the bullet will knock down cossack from the horse.
Will it be from birch or pine adzed my coffin at the end.
Not a good sign this silent sunset.
Only a saber for a cossack in the steppe girlfriend,
Only saber is a wife for a cossack in the steppe.
On Midsummer day, for the frost we wait, and dream of summer on Holly day,
We'll swop the heat for snowstorm and blizzard without regret.
Only the felt cloak for a cossack is a home away,
Only the felt cloak for a cossack in the steppe is bed.
*Babka, put away your scythe, no need to dwell,
We'll finish singing, what the heck, don't hold your breath,
Only the song for a cossack in the steppe is help,
Only with the song a cossack will have an easy death
Submitted by Kashtanka1965 on Thu, 07/06/2018 - 23:12
Author's comments:

I'have left the word "Babka" rather than an "Old woman"
Slightly artistic translation, sorry, I couldn't help myself. I hope all the cossack's fans will forgive me.
Anatoli Troanowski


Kazach'ya (Казачья)

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