Keine Worte [mehr] (English translation)

English translation

No more words

And I don't even know what's happening now
An addiction that isolates me
[To] believe that something is wrong with me ... not true
It seems, [I'm] sometimes interested in content
But ignored inside
Because I'm out of reach there ... inside
And there is no way out.
There a blind man looking into the sun
And a boat drives over the sea
And a diary, but the pages are left blank
There are no words left in my head
And I know, sometimes it could be different
Conduct discussions with me alone
An attitude war against time ... time [to]... forgive
I'm not hearing, "m not seeing, I'm not breathing
There are no words left in my head,
I'm silent and a boat sinks in the sea.
Submitted by andy5421 on Thu, 11/10/2018 - 20:12

Keine Worte [mehr]

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