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Mob thing

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It's the winning team
2012 mob thing
Mob thing, mob thing
mob thing, mob thing
Mo-mo-mo-mob thing
Insane rims bro
it's an insane machine
a Heckler under the seat
and another load in the truck
mob thing, the winning team is comming
our convoy - jeep to jeep in front
of the club is long
Champagne is poured
mad money is being made
in every club the main booths
are always reserved for us
we have street mob manners
we have bulletproof vests on
the window's cracked
just so the barrel peeks out
the magazines are full
with only boom, boom bullets
work's done when the bodies
are rotting in the river
Foreign currency in my pocket
no one has a bad conscience
DNA analysis won't even help
great mob clients
in the hotel louge
in the company of super models
and hot girls
I know you love that mob thing
you love that I'm a mobster
mob-handsome, mob-young
Belgrade is my mob city
Mob thing, when someone tries to hurt me
mob thing, you'd kill because of me
mob thing, all because of a perfect woman
mob thing, mob thing
Mob thing, you're the man of my dreams
mob thing, this is the money of my dreams
mob thing, both Bentleys are new
you and I, you and I
Mob-flow, mob-rap,
mob-style, mob-beat
what do you guys have?
I have another real
badass mob hit-single
what do you guys have?
Mega chick, mega star
top notch
you're all mega, mega sorry
but I really don't give a fuck
write that, write that
When Teča Gambino arrives
a cappuchino awaits him
the heart of a lion, the balls of Al Paccino
mob thing, mob thing
I'm a newbie in rap
I have an ace in my sleeve
and a jocker in my pocket
I'm a mobster
I have that mob swagg
you're a wild cat
I'm a mob-lion
This is our year
we have many plans
like Bonnie & Clyde
the whole world is in our hands
we'll have breakfast in Rome
and lunch in Paris
When you fly first class
everything is within reach
Saint-Tropez, Continental GT
when a rapper fucks you
diamonds fly
Submitted by MayGoLoco on Sat, 16/06/2012 - 16:51
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The translaion is not too literal!

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Krimi rad

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mariusmxm    Tue, 23/07/2013 - 14:19

Maya, "muda Al Paćino" as you translated "the balls of Al Paccino" could it be translated as "having courage like Al Paccino" ?

MayGoLoco    Wed, 24/07/2013 - 17:38

Sure, you could definitely translate it that way.

nk    Thu, 12/07/2018 - 06:45

He says this in the last verse.
St. Tropez, Continental GT, Cartier, Berete, dijamanti lete
I do not know how to translate Berete but maybe those French hats. Also Cartier is that expensive brand.