La cigarette (English translation)

English translation


The cigarette after lovemaking
is to be stubbed out only in the early morning1.
The dog ends filling the ashtray
could have meant we were actually in love.
You wrote a nice story for me,
without a beginning, without an end.
A digression in my destiny,
an aside in my fate.2
But days flow past too quickly,
not leaving us enough time to catch up
with a kind of joke leading nowhere,
without a beginning, without an end.
But maybe one day,
but maybe one evening
we'll meet again in the same train
so that we can start the story all over again,
without a beginning, without an end.
The cigarette after lovemaking...
  • 1. That must be impractical, but why not?
  • 2. The choice of words is pretty odd in French too
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La cigarette

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