La fille aux cheveux clairs (English translation)

English translation

The girl with light-coloured hairs

From the window of the train,
I saw a girl, one night
who had so light-coloured hairs,
That I thought I was dreaming,
it was nearly Sunset,
and i travelled for a very very long time,
I had asches 1 in my mouth
and I felt tired
but the hairs of this girl
so blond, so light, so clear,
gave me this freshness,
that only children can have
she wasn't waiting anything, nor anybody
I just walked out the train,
she gave me a tour of her city
and walked through wheat fields
near a wild and fast river
we slept together
and I think i loved her
on the very first night
If sometime you take the train,
keep an eye on deserted platforms
somewhere, there is this girl,
she looks like summer
she won't wait for anything, nor anybody,
but don't talk to her about me,
because I left her one morning
I still Wonder why,
she was a light-coloured hair girl
I want to preserve her reflection,
I woud like to delay winter,
but time will fade her face
I woud like to delay winter,
but you know, time will fade her face

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La fille aux cheveux clairs

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