La fille de l'été dernier (English translation)

English translation

The last summer girl

I don't want to waste time
there are other things to do
than work in summer
for peanuts
Yeah, on the phone, when I call
my favourite girl
My boss says
(you've got work to do)
sometimes, I wonder
who tries to prevent me
from seeing the last summer girl
She set up a meeting,
and I arranged my haircut
but my parents,
took back the carkeys
Yeah, I didn't work
i pretend I was sick
(You've got work to do son,
no stroll)
Yeah, sometimes i wonder
what I can do
to see
the last summer girl
I will take the first train
I won't wait on summer
and I'll send all my problems
to downing street
when I saw the prime minister
he seemed suprised
(I would like to help you,
but you're too young to vote)
Yeah, sometime I wonder
what's worse than wanting to love
a girl in summer

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La fille de l'été dernier

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