La Mémoire Neuve (English translation)

English translation

The New Memory

My memory has
has deserted me
Finally, I will
enjoy everything without
regretting anything.
Emancipated the future
from the memory
Inevitably, it didn't last
The memory came back to me but
I had an intuition that it was
not mine that I found again.
As a few memories
overcame me I doubted
that they ever belonged to me
them that were streaming without talking
But as they weighed
less than nothing
And that this memory didn't have
any trace of lucky or bad day
Wonderfully, it'd suit me
I who believed it calm
Right when it clung on to me
shortly I believed
it would be able to spare me
the resentments and the bad wine
And today I'm still staggering
under the blow. It really got me
Of course it revealed me everything since
about the heavy past that fell on me
My real memory
would reapper
It'd laugh loudly at me
The other in any case
tightly stowed
Is the patron of my every steps
And I do not recognize myself
Back curved and eyes lowered
Those eyes that are sweeping the floor
Probably for the first time
All of my work is dedicated to Ms Z. G., who is the real counterpart of Beatrice Portinari for me.
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La Mémoire Neuve

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