La pequeña leti (English translation)

English translation

Little Leti

Little Leti has lung cancer
And Dr Fagundez said this was caused
By the cigarrette smoke of a cruel photographer
Who took porn pics of her and uploaded them on internet
Little Leti lost a pregnancy
And Dr Fagundez said this happened
Because her angry father jumped over her belly
Because Leti didn't sell a single candy at the bus
Little Leti was crushed by a truck
And Dr Fagundez said this happened
Scaping from the asylum, running from the carer
Who abused her minutes ago
Little Leti
Little Leti
Little Leti
Little Leti
Little Leti died that day
And about Dr Fagundez nobody knew
That he was Leti's father but he always hid it
And besides he was photographer and asylum carer
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La pequeña leti

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