La Trinca (English translation)

English translation

La Trinca

Oh come come come! Here's la Trinca, Trinca, Trinca
to save mankind. Ah, ah!
We've invented a medicine,
who takes it will be healed.
A gravedigger, straightening skeletons,
nailed a femur in his finger.
They gave him the medicine
and now he goes lively.
Marieta, had needs
she was uglier than a sin.
They gave him the medicine
and now she drives them crazy.
The aunt Maria harvests quinces.
She harvested them all her life.
She didn't take the medicine
and in the end she died.
So, learn well the lesson!
You won't get any good
if you don't take the medicine,
from the tallest to the smallest.
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La Trinca

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