Laid eyes on

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Idiomatic translations of "Laid eyes on"

ein Auge auf .......geworfen haben

Meanings of "Laid eyes on"


-put an eye on smn
-catch an eye

Explained by hong Seol on Wed, 07/11/2018 - 05:07
Explained by hong Seol

It just means see or notice, but maybe also implies fixing a gaze upon or pondering.

Explained by BreezyDay on Sun, 11/11/2018 - 02:06
Explained by BreezyDay

Положить глаз на что-либо;
Заинтересоваться в чём-либо.

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Explained by Kristoffer Larsson

"Laid eyes on" in lyrics

Stevie Nicks - Edge of seventeen

Just like the white winged dove...
Sings a song...
Sounds like she's singing...
Whoo... whoo... whoo...

Tyler Ward - Dashes

Verse 3:
There's a city I never laid eyes on
And I can swear there's an answer, waiting there for me

Grigoris Bithikotsis - Where are the Years

I went to the places where I first laid eyes on you
you were a small girl and I was a boy

Where are the years, those good years

Isabel Pantoja - Good morning sadness

The day you came next to me
you left your luggage in a corner
you laid eyes on me
and then you went and sat on my armchair

Eyal Golan - You touched my heart

I call you a girl, or shall I call you Mrs.?
I wanted you forever
Did you know when you first laid eyes on me
that you were engraved in my heart's future?

Glenn Travis - My Dream Came True

As this time goes and you start growing up faster
I think about the first time that I laid eyes on you
And you were so small but perfect in all such an angel

Samira Said - My heart

I wish I could just be with you

You are the most beautiful, never laid eyes on anyone prettier than you

Wicked (musical) - What Is This Feeling?

So sudden and new?
(unadultereated loathing)
I felt the moment I laid eyes on you
(for her face, her voice, her clothing)

Kate Bush - Babooshka

To see if he
Would fall for her incognito.
And when he laid eyes on her,
He got the feeling they had met before.

Oliver Dragojević - I died twice

My life, I died twice
twice for her
the first time when I laid eyes on her
the seconde time when she left me

Na’mon - Starry Eyes -Starry Eyes-

The blue legend that ties together a couple's love

Ah, from the moment I laid eyes on you
I believed in that unseen thread

Ryan Leslie - How it was supposed to be

Fresh like the kiss of morning dew
That's how it felt that day we met
And I first laid eyes on you
It's like you walked right about my fantasy

The Band Perry - Lasso

When I first laid eyes on you
Well, the night just felt so odd
You looked at me and the stars lined up
So I thought I'd heard from God

Lindsay Lohan - Too Young To Die

I knew I was in trouble for the moment I laid eyes on you (yeah)
Dangerously, I can feel the chemistry around the room (ohh)
Something deep inside told me to think twice, I knew (yeah)
But I went ahead what a stupid thing to do

Lindsay Lohan - Edge Of Seventeen

Well he seemed broked-hearted something within him
But the moment that I first laid eyes on him
All alone on the edge of seventeen

Lady Antebellum - Better Man

The first time I laid eyes on you
In that downtown café
How I loved the way your auburn hair
Danced across your face

Christos Lainas - With you

I'm walking alone in the street
I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you
at that happy moment

Franco Battiato - This is how the world goes

She was the fattest whore I'd ever seen,
The fattest woman I'd ever laid eyes on.
She had a shimmering silk dress,

Tanya Tucker - Delta Dawn

In her younger days they called her Delta Dawn
Prettiest woman you ever laid eyes on
Then a man of low degree stood by her side

Gothic Knights - Dear queen

Dear Queen, like an angel from the heavens
You fell into my arms and I held you so close
From the first time I laid eyes on you
I knew my heart belonged to you