Le chemin de l'école (English translation)

English translation

The Path to School

Have you looked again at our tracks on the path to school?
There where our feet would drag, our schoolbags on our shoulders,
The wind erased them, a road has taken its place there
Even our names on the willow, time has chased them away
On the area surrounding the barn, a furious dog would come out
Barking towards the sky at the game of curious children
That was us and our laughs on
Life's path
I had to let go of your hand
I want to today
Of our chalk, of our dreams
A washed blackboard
Yes time has passed, nothing remains
Of our traits, of our lips
A blackboard used
By broken, lost promises
Nothing remained
And the two of us, we missed the train
Have you saved those words that I had written
On the pages?
Those of the history books,
of the envelopes and the margins
You lost them, moved them forward into the fire
Or let them die by the hands
Of other women
I, I saved the flowers in a yellowed notebook
Five crumpled petals that say "madly" 1
It's on this stone bench
On the path to school
That for the first time
You took me by the shoulder
Have you seen your buddies again, those for which you
Left me, standing in front of my door
So sad and wounded
Where are they today?
And she who ravished you?
There's only me and me alone getting old
Close to your bed
That blade that brings you
This chagrin that no one sees
To not hurt others
You've turned it on yourself
Have you been able to forget this path, that school?
When I loved you less than my father
But much more than another man
For other paths...
  • 1. Lit.: "to madness"
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Le chemin de l'école