Lead astray

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Lead astray (English) — To make someone believe untruth, to mislead or deceive.

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Translations of "Lead astray"

Russianпускать по ложному следу

"Lead astray" in lyrics

I feel your touch light up a wild desire
Borne on my ache to take us ever higher
In our love we are birds of prey
Every cry serves to lead astray

So carry my ache and you will know the feeling

Poets of the Fall - No End, No Beginning

Dressed as one
A wolf will betray a lamb

Lead astray the gazers
The razors on your seducing skin
In the meadow of sinful thoughts

Nightwish - She Is My Sin

Roaring at me, I lay on my knees,
What is happening? I can hear you sing.
They will not obey, they've been lead astray.
Will I still see you? I have to see you.
I panic and flee. They both pounce on me.

CircusP - Circus Monster

To confuse
To damn
To lead astray

Tanzwut - Dance Rage

a delicate light leads back to the road
still on the destination I am alone

sometimes the cloaks of sadness can lead astray
and I'm turning the same circle
the journey will take through happiness, I know that

Suvi Teräsniska - Travel companion

"The fate of mankind lies in our hands
We who lesser in number
Lure, lead astray, defile the humans
To find pastime, this shall be our choice.

Adversus - Laya or the ballad of the black stone

I hear your voice, you tell me that you'll never go
And I believe it, I believe it.

And if you're thinking I might, might be lead astray
Just remember this one question

All That Remains - What If I Was Nothing

Knowing that my demon won.
I'm done!

Have I been lead astray?
Blaming the righteous.
What do you think they'd say?

Korn - It's All Wrong

You seem so alone
Don't know what to do
They've been lead astray
Now they're leading you

The Letter Black - Out Of Reach

And dream of smoke without fire
Just come see me again when it burns

Somewhere here along the way, well I was lead astray
By a wolf in no ones clothing it was a brilliant disguise
And I forgot that life existed I thought it was just some kind of game

Bright Eyes - Smoke Without Fire

I guess you won't ever be…

Captured in a mess - night and day
All the streets you walk - they lead astray
You deal
With all the pain you feel

Gracia Baur - Run and Hide

The teachers hate her features
Beat her down with words
Saying there’s somewhere else she should be dancing with a body like hers
Shawty been lead astray
Considering what they say

Ne-Yo - Ballerina

So promise that you'll keep me
Promise you won't lead astray
Promise me forever promise me to stay
So I keep you with my laughter

Big Sean - Love Story

Fly, fly away, well above the sky
Wherever you might be, don't you dare look back.
Fly, fly away, have no regrets
It's only a memory, I beg you - don't be lead astray
Fly, fly, fly, fly away
Fly, fly, fly, fly away

LOBODA - Fly away

A continuum beyond time
Here's no truth, here's no lies
Its darkness brings light
To all those lead astray
Now I go, now I leave -
Returning to the flesh

Scar Symmetry - The Eleventh Sphere

Vivid as a raging tidal wave,
every last illusion washed away,
taking life for granted, lead astray,
saved by catastrophe,
coming again, signs will descend,

Scar Symmetry - The Iconoclast

I can taste while dreaming
Wish I could stay
Inside my head I just know
I've been lead astray


Scar Symmetry - Dreaming 24/7

"Summoned by a chanting whisper"
"Your soul for me, for me your flesh"
"Lead astray from the path I follow
Can it be my soul is fading
Lost eternally

Bloodthorn - As One In Darkness

Many a sweet maid when one knows her mind
is fickle found towards men:
I proved it well when that prudent lass
I sought to lead astray:
shrewd maid, she sought me with every insult
and I won therewith no wife.

Old Norse & Viking Chants - Sayings Of The High One

I know humankind well, I am the torchbearer on the narrow path to certainty.
The fire of faith illuminates the stony streets of man:
conflict in penitential robes, over the city on the Golden Horn, to the center of the casualties in the tent of Solomon.
Some have been lead astray, full of infernal temptation, against which there are no prayers.
In the last light of day, upon the grave of the Lord, all know for what they have been fighting.
Throw yourself once more into the dust and plead:

Schlafes Bruder - The Torchbearer

All the words lead astray,
Take to made-up roads
All the talks want to carry
The answer within themselves

If you dared to look me in the eyes,

Suvi Isotalo - All the Words

I know a secret place where we can go,
I know you have stared at me, you know I saw it.
I am so young and god is my lord.
My virtue is far too dear to me, I will not be lead astray.
I would rather die than lose my honor to you!

Svartsot - In Fields and in Groves

I truly believed that I myself could change.
But all everything does is just separate.
If these feelings of mine don’t change, there's no room for doubt in my vocal range.
Betrayed, lead astray, and accusations you’ve no reason to say.
Flattery and reasons lame,
Words with no ink to their name.

amazarashi - Us Against This Life

And if a girl walks in
And carves her name in my heart
I'll turn and run away
Everyday we've all been lead astray
It's hard to be lucky in love

Highly Suspect - Send Me an Angel

Oh its flowing through me
Combusting with contempt
Rationality abandoning chemically lead astray
Stepping outside the confines of this circle
Bane of society become

The Black Dahlia Murder - I Worship Only What You Bleed

To the silver haven of bliss

How can I believe when god has no faith in me?
How can I follow him when all ways lead astray
How can I entrust his words when silence is all I hear?

Outre - Chant 2. - Shadow

I'm going out every night
And these people here would say,
If they discovered I get home so late:
This girl could be lead astray.

But if they could even fathom how much I love you,

Françoise Hardy - Not nice

Where the crazy star is trembling,
Trembling under the strict watchful eye of skies.
After playing with you briefly,
The long road will lead astray and
Will again leave hanging out to dry.

Piknik (Russia) - On a Ray...

A deception without a mirror reflection
If it'd get entangled in thread of waves, it would come to an ebb tide
Turn the charm inside hearts into a wicked aphrodisiac,
And lead astray the weak people

Voice In the Dark!

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (OST) - Dark Concerto

And when they find you,
they'll cut and rip away
So please don't linger (and don't be lead astray)

Renown the words of your calling

Megurine Luka - Wolf & Lamb

And again our blazing hearts collide,
As I watch this uneasy night slip by
A forgotten child was lead astray
In search for distant light

Dima Lancaster - Brave Shine

For you and me

How can we progress when we're all lead astray
We settle for less then we go separate ways
We're tired of being pushed to the floor

Scarlet Heroes - Headway

Life's doesn't last long
I gotta get away
I'm taking over
I won't be lead astray
Life's doesn't last long
I gotta get away

Korn - Let's Go