Let your guard down

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Let your guard down (English) — It means to allow yourself to relax and stop looking out for danger. It can also mean allowing your true emotions to show, or revealing something about your life in a way that is less self-concious, and less guarded.

English, explained by Igeethecat on Wed, 07/02/2018 - 05:42

Let your guard down — baisser sa garde

French, explained by maëlstrom on Tue, 06/03/2018 - 14:31

Let your guard down — потерять бдительность

Russian, explained by St. Sol on Thu, 08/02/2018 - 19:57

Let your guard down — Opustiti se ili spustiti tenziju.

Serbian, explained by aleksandar.markovic.104 on Fri, 27/07/2018 - 21:28

"Let your guard down" in lyrics

and when you've finally arrived
staying there takes more work.

Try not to let your guard down
or look backwards,
or everything you've achieved

Julio Iglesias - Vuela Alto

Stealing kisses from your Mrs.
Doesn't make you freak out?
Got you fussing, got you worried,
Scared to let your guard down

Boys (Boys)

Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

You can’t front like this ain’t way realer
I know you hard, I know that you a killer
I know you started off a dope dealer
But let your guard down, your niggas know you feel her, feel her
So what you want, baby?
(All I want is you so what you tryna do?)

August Alsina - No Love

Shh maybe we can keep it on the low
Let your guard down, ain't nobody gotta know
If you with it girl, I know a place we can go

Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous

One too many times you've been hurt
One too many men stole your heart
One too many times love didn't work
It's not that easy to let your guard down
What's saying I won't betray your trust?
What's saying that I really know who you are now?

Symmetry & Ryan Lewis - Make me yours

Once and again

Don't think about it any more
Let your guard down

Come take off

Jesse & Joy - Once and Again

Think about me like I know you will
Fall for me, let it fall for me, give it all to me
Stand in the middle of the floor, throw your broad to me
This is real, yeah, this is real, let your guard down
This is good shit, ain't no tiem to call it off now
Now I don't wanna let you go, but there's something that you gotta know

Sage The Gemini - Good thing

My conscience sinks in your blood
I'm telling you ... it wasn't my intention

Let your guard down, your eyes reflect coldness,
I know it was me who was wrong....

Santiago Cruz - Let your guard down

(Aja!) (DJ Joe!)
Me dijeron que cuando fumas y bebes…
(Aja, Aja!)
You get crazy and let your guard down...
And that's why you're asking
The dog to sing to you

Dálmata - suelta

Because of you, oh oh oh oh

Here and there, this way and that, I'm pretty good at this now too
The law of action and reaction - don't let your guard down
Lalalala lalalala lalalala I'm on pins and needles
Because of me, oh oh oh oh

Super Junior - Be My Girl (Lalalala)

Listen to what comes from the heart of God

In wartimes, never stop fighting
Don't let your guard down, never stop fighting
In wartimes, never stop adoring
Spread the word and prophesy relentlessly

Ludmila Ferber - Never stop fighting

Shimmie shimmie Ko Ko Bop
I think I like it
let your guard down down
don't be embarrassed
I work my way into your dizzy heart

EXO - Ko Ko Bop

Oh lets believe that well find out
How it feels with something so right
Don't you think it's time
To let your guard down

You've got to call me

Backstreet Boys - Trust Me

I let my guard down,
I let the truth out.
Oh I can feel I've lost control,
You let your guard down,
You let the truth out.

Garbage - Control

I can see you but you can't see me
I could touch you and you wouldn't even feel me
Wait a second and you'll settle down
I'm just waiting, 'til you really let your guard down?
Your relaxed, your sublime, your amazing
You don't even know the danger you're facing

Slipknot - The Virus Of Life

Shimmie shimmie, Ko Ko Bop
I think I like it
Let your guard down down*,
don’t be embarrassed.
I work my way into your dizzy heart,


Try to love, try it for real
Our Earth, beautiful stars
Don’t let your guard down, keep concentrating
Something like a farewell look can’t be endured, you know (can’t be endured, you know)

Hironobu Kageyama - This Ain't A Game

Imma put you on game, run game on these other bitches
Told her never show no love for a bitch nigga
Keep it all business if you fuckin’ with em
Never let your guard down even when the stars ‘round
Get a lover baby if you in it for the long haul
If you pacing I can show your ass how to last long

Tyga - Hard For You

There’s no need, you know,
To put up a show
If you wanna let your guard down a bit,
You should do so aha, aha
You should do so aha, aha

Magnolia (Romanian band) - Make You Stay

Nothing is certain at this time of day
You could reverberate you could decay
The mouse and the model are laughing at us
We'll risk it we're desperate for someone to trust

The Dresden Dolls - The Mouse And The Model

Give yourself a break
Listen to your heart
Let your conscience guide you
Never let your guard down
Find out the best of you

Garou - Stand Up

But it's all right
Sometime I just hate to love you
See I don’t need the bars to lock me in
You can let your guard down till the end
Forever doesn’t have to know for night
And that’s why

Karmin - Hate To Love You

I saw you through the door, with your motor runnin'
I can still hear the sound
I knew then, when you asked him in, you let your guard down
You're talking soft, don't tell me,
I know you're sincere

Toto (USA) - Without Your Love

It's shown
if you keep up with this,you'll miss it
if you let your guard down on purpose
come here immediately

Nine Muses - Gun

You love me more than that

[Verse 2]
When you go quiet, and won't let your guard down
I hear through the silence that you're trying to figure it out
You're trying to make me proud, believe me now

Alice Kristiansen - Moon and Back

You're shaking, tell me what's the matter babe?
Do I make you a little bit nervous? Girl don't be afraid
I'm not here to hurt you, just the opposite indeed
You can let your guard down baby, you're safe in here with me


Ne-Yo - Take You There

The weedless ones
They've come for you
while you're baked watching television
distracted you let your guard down
Now your Bag of Pot can't be found!

Cannabis corpse - Weedless Ones

If I don't get you, I'll only grow bored.
This hot-as-hell city is really a drag.
If you let your guard down for an instant, I'll pounce on you.
I don't wanna get this started from cheesy pickup-lines.

T.M. Revolution - Hot Limit

Even in the dark, anyone can see
So don't you pretend that you're not wishin' I was next to you
Hot and cold as ever
Want me, but you never let your guard down
And I need some proof

Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Pretend

We can build a shelter for the weak, come on

No man is an island, we can be found
No man is an island, let your guard down
Please don't try to fight me, I am for you
We're not meant to live this life alone

Tenth Avenue North - No Man Is an Island

Don't let your guard down
Keep your shield up (2x)

Don't let your guard down
You've gotta be ready

Sonic Underground (OST) - Don't Let Your Guard Down