listen closely

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Idiomatic translations of "listen closely"

طرطق ودانك
Z'n oren spitsen
prick up one's ears
écouter attentivement
die Ohren spitzen
خوب گوشاتو تیز کن
ouça bem
развесить уши
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Meanings of "listen closely"


"pay attention" or "listen closely"

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Άκου προσεκτικά-Listen careffuly,pay attenion

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Escucha atentamente

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"listen closely" in lyrics

Wisin & Yandel - Thanks to you

listen closely

Lazy Town (OST) - We Are Number One

We're number one

Now listen closely
Here's a little lesson in trickery

Olivia Lufkin - A Little Pain

In the constant moment
(You will find me where it's quiet
Listen closely, listen closely)
Let the blood flow

7!! - Orange

Walking with our small shoulders side by side
Laughing at every little thing and we were seeing the same dream
If I listen closely I can hear it even now
Your voice In this orange-coloured town

Bali Brahmbhatt - I don't want to live without you, oh love of my life

I've gotten all of life's happiness because I have you
You are my flesh, you are my soul, without you I am nothing
Listen closely to what the shallowness of breath is saying
I don't want to live without you, oh the love of my life..

Carlos Baute - I want to marry you

Listen closely
What I have to tell you is important
If you let it happen
Your future will soon lead to a new destination

Britney Spears - Brightest Morning Star

In your arms, I feel alive
I am not afraid, I would keep you
Listen closely, look for signs everyday

Escape the Fate - Ungrateful

Trying to tear me apart
Breaking me down to the bone
So listen closely
'Cause what you don't see

Semyon Slepakov - Dialog of Husband and wife (Purely hypothetically)

That all women are monogamous in whole world.
I don’t want to scary you out by that info,
Listen closely to me, my polygamous friend
I will tell you exactly what will happen, before

Arcángel - Since i loved you blindly

I asked my father about the love, the innocence, the faith, and the patience and you know what he told me
Son it is always better to ignore your heart, and listen closely to your conscience
I asked my mother about the love that I had for you and she said that they were all just fantasies

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me, my only son
And listen closely to what I say.
And if you do this

Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently

This is a song for the ladies
But, fellas, listen closely!

Black Veil Brides - The Legacy

But promise one thing:
We'll change the world with these guitars.
So listen closely
And don't stop working.

David Tao - Love Is So Simple

If you're still feeling puzzled oh no
Please listen closely to my heart
Listen to me say

Deftones - Simple Man

Mama told me when I was young
Sit beside me,my only son
And listen closely to what I say
Oh, if you do this, it will help you some

Perk-a-Cola (OST Call of Duty) - Who's Who

But one thing I said really blew my mind
(Who's who?) I said I don't know me,
But I know you, and if you listen closely
We can talk it through, it ain't as simple

Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line

[Christina Aguilera]
Little girls, listen closely
'Cause no one told me

LaFee - Ill

Lovely, nicely, honestly without screaming
I only say it once
RIght away, come listen closely
Shove it!

Olivia Lufkin - A Little Pain

In the constant moment
(You will find me where it's quiet
Listen closely, listen closely)
Let the blood flow

Los Hermanos (Brazil) - Listen closely, my dear

You should know betrayal is much more subtle.
If I left you for someone else, it wasn't for my being mean.
My love, listen closely, I found someone else
whose name is longing.

Les Colocs - Beelzebub

"Hey Kid, you who looks so cute
Taking your first steps into real life
Listen closely, I won't say it twice
Here it isn't the same, here I make the rules"

Jennifer Lopez - Step Into My World

Try to resist what you want, honey
I want you
To give me what I need, listen closely

Pitbull - Get On The Floor

Where them freaks be takin it off and backin it up
Imma make ya so hot as soon as these mami's walk in they ready to fuck
Every (every) body (body) listen (listen) closely
Cuz imma do whats never been done

Macklemore - Neon Cathedral

But I’ve misplaced that sense of pride
This crown of thorns perched atop my spine
But listen closely as I testify
Dependency has been a thief at night

Seether - Rise above This

Take the light, and darken everything around me
Call the clouds and listen closely, I'm lost without you
Call your name every day when I feel so helpless

Lacrimosa - The Blind Spot

Pull me - Pull me out of the blind spot
Feel me - Feel the skin that no one has touched
Listen closely - Listen to what no one has heard before

Christina Perri - I Don't Wanna Break

I don't care, I'd let you take it

Come on, listen closely
To the sound, that our love made

T.O.P - Turn it up

Turn it up loud, turn it up loud
You can’t bear to look at my monkey magic
Listen closely to this taunting message
Turn it up loud (la la la la), turn it up loud (la la la la)

Eminem - The Sauce

That I am not afraid of this fuckin waste of lead
On my pencil, for me to write some shit this simple
So listen closely, as I break it down and proceed
This old G's about to get smoked like rolled weed

Rihanna - Music Of The Sun

Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah

Listen, closely
Hear the music playing

Björk - Sweet Intuition

Close your eyes,
listen closely,
all that you've learnt -

Prezident - Snow Angel (Music for Letting Oneself Fall Backwards with Eyes Closed)

now I'm staring holes into the air as big as a fist
I hear sporadic applause, out there
gonna hang the brats to my lips<fn>or "now the brats are hanging on my lips" - "to hang on one's lips" is an idiom meaning "to listen closely to every single word of someone"</fn></fn>, fuck it<fn>in the meaning of "it doesn't matter"; lit. "shitted on it"</fn>
I'm out, (I) lie there like

David Phelps - End of the Beginning

And just to help the weak to survive"
"Let me read it again," I said
"But listen closely, this is gonna change your life"

Mc Mane - I will remember you

let the dream come, let it take over you
Let the thoughts rest but listen closely
Beautiful future is found under the rainbow

maNga - Noise in the House

To jump, to jig, to shout like a maniac
I feel like I want to go on a rampage
Listen closely, the facts will start now

Mafalda Arnauth - Fado Without End

As I am singing so of what lives in me
Tearing my silent chest
Listen closely to my singing
For in my world all is fado.

Slayer - Spirit in Black

You really have no choice
Faded memories haunt you
Listen closely to my voice
Feed me all your hatred

Genius P.J's - World is Yours

The love of the people is overpowering something
As for self against self, I delude myself
Once again, I listen closely
Emotion and consciousness both connected to that previous image

Beth Crowley - Skin And Bones

You help me stand so tall

I listen closely and hear sweet strains of music
I’m captured in a reverie

IAM - Tomorrow Is Far Away

Of guys who will rip at each other for 20 grands of hash
Im talking about everyday, listen closely, my words won't make you laugh.
Laugh, smile, some have lost those, like Momo

Ladies' Code - My Flower

Please bloom again

Listen closely
You know how I feel

Marty Robbins - Feleena (from El Paso)

Out in El Paso, whenever the wind blows
If you listen closely at night, you'll hear in the wind.
A woman is cryin', it's not the wind sighin'

La Oreja de Van Gogh - Tick Tock

Looking for love
Tick Tock
Listen closely to its voice
Tick Tock

Jamie Campbell Bower - Get Your Guns

I've got a message
and there's no time to lose
So listen closely
Tonight we'll find out the truth

Foreigner - The Beat Of My Heart

Ooh the beat of my heart
If you listen closely now
For the beat of my heart

The Black Eyed Peas - The APL Song

Every place got a ghetto this is my version
Check it out...
Listen closely yo, I got a story to tell
A version of my ghetto where life felt for real

CMX - Interstellar

And listen to the interstellar song, about how much I love you
And listen to the interstellar song, about how much I love you
Listen closely, is it true

Bushido - Lichterfelde Motivation

Brutos Brutaloz here with Bushido
I'm the one you always used to sneer at then (pfhehe)
Listen closely to this song
In your face!

The Last Hangmen - Crash Course Dying

These tipps will solute
Our common problem!
So listen closely, cause
I won't tell this twice!

Jensen Ackles - Simple Man

"Come sit beside me
my only son
and listen closely
to what I say.

Riblja Čorba - Lost Case

And said i can't be anymore with you.

Please listen closely
And then alone find somehow

Mary Poppins (OST) - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

My father pinched my nose and said, "Don't be so dumb!"
Then one day I learned this word, and my nose got some rest
The word is just a speech exercise, now listen closely!

Eric Stewart - Word Of The Mouth

The voice is soothing, it's gonna take you in,
Oooh a voice like that, should be a deadly sin.
Listen closely should it lie to you,
Do you wanna believe that it speaks the truth?

Memphis May Fire - Alive In The Lights

Don't you see the lives that have been saved?
Listen closely, the highways call my name.
Don't you see this is my everything?

Miss Li - Spaceship

So, have you heard to news today?
If you listen closely, you'll hear his heart break.
Cause in the psycho world of Eden, this is the version where she is the Snake.

Weathers - I Don't Wanna Know

Oh, no

If you listen closely
Your heart is dripping gold

Alan (China) - Longing Future

I want to ask where we're from, and where we're heading
Let's listen closely and find the answers from our naked hearts

Kingfisher Sky - Hypnos

My troubled mind became your playground

Can you hear my voice? Listen closely

Die Toten Hosen - How Many Years (To The Bitter End)

As a gift, two boxes of altbier and a small bottle of schnapps
And then we play our songs, everyone as loud as he can
And if one does not listen closely, it sounds quite good

Gogol Bordello - Illumination

They never step on spiritual path
They paint their faces so differently from ours
And if you listen closely
That war it never stops

Puhti - God will punish

Tell them that God will punish anyway

Now listen closely to these words
even though I'm drunk inside my head

Seven O'Clock - ECHO

I’ll be whatever you need me to be

Take on me listen closely
Take on me don’t hide it

Flumpool - Over the rain

My heart quietly scolds me,
"The palpitation you can hear if you listen closely
isn't something to be cast aside"

Yohio - My murderous urge

I disappear without a trace

Listen closely to the words I say
You will not be able to change me

16 Horsepower - Brimstone Rock

Listen closely to me now my darlin' girl
There's one who's out to have you
An jus' his breath will burn your curls
Don't you fret you needn't bother don't you fret

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The Time Warp

Time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely
Not for very much longer

Jay Chou - Big Ben

Are you ill, are you ill?
I've got a lot of talent, I'm not petty like you
I will forgive you, listen closely

Greta Salóme - See you there

Be still and don't believe
In everything you see
Be still and listen closely to the whispers

Mickey 3D - France is afraid

France is afraid…

Well, listen closely my little friend
You, sitting enthroned on the TV

Caroline af Ugglas - Little fly

Little fly I am not afraid of you
So now you shall listen closely to me
Little fly now you have to understand

Tim Bendzko - Nightmare

I'm the voice in your head
Listen closely
I'm your shadow

Lazy Town (OST) - We Are Number One

We are number one
And now listen closely
I need to show you what it’s about here

Iron Maiden - Shadows Of The Valley

Soulless demons laughing in a sea of madness

Listen closely to the raven’s call
Praying hard for our world not to end

Falling in Reverse - Straight To Hell

Is exactly what you're looking for

So listen closely
(You never know what you got 'til it's gone forever)

mao - Beyond the Forest, Beyond the Light

I open a door that, still, no one knows of
A distant melody overflows
If you close your eyes and listen closely, you can hear it
A rhythm that tells of time

Hatsune Miku - Feel Alive

Go Chase, the wind wants to race
Not everything int he world wants to block you
listen closely and you'll hear them sing
just for you, And what will you do?

The Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit

We swoop low on trees, or we sweep under carpets
We can dive into suns, though it's not recommended
We can hover, silent, and listen, closely...

Lazy Town (OST) - We Are Number One

We are number one!

Now listen closely!
Here's a little lesson in trickery

Ayumi Hamasaki - I am...

Listen closely, because I’ll continue screaming until it reaches you
I’ve always been here, here, here

Chased by time through semi-forced days

Ojamajo Doremi (OST) - Doremi Ending 2


Listen closely they reveal to you
that the rays of the sun

Alice Babs - Jazz Fugue

Here comes the bridge, so I'm not done
but now there's trouble ahead, just listen closely to this,
when I draw breath and begin to wander up the scale,

Scarlxrd - Heart Attack

[Verse 2]
Keep my fucking name out your mouth, you don't know me (Fuck)
You just hear the shit out my mouth, listen closely
Everything I spit is hot shit and unholy

Harald Foss - Sea Journey

When those homely beaches behind great waves disappeared.

Then says Ragnvald Helmsman to listen closely now,
What warmth have those that are in the sea,

Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows - The Simple Joys Of Maidenhood

The red-eyed fox is on the prowl

So, listen closely, girls and boys,
This song is about hemorrhoids

Kiryu - The flower of feelings

that pulse is still beating, may it live long!

The noisy sound of the feeling mixes into the sound of the rain, if you listen closely, it’s like walking alone beside a canal.

La Talvera - Citizens of the Whole World

Citizens of the whole world
Listen closely to my song
It will be a tale, an epic

Ojamajo Doremi (OST) - Perfect Harmony

We can get the job done

and if you listen closely
You can hear the tune

Zacke - Mom's new boyfriend

Listen to me, you Fahrenheit-smelling and mustache clad
V75-gambling fucking man
Listen closely, stop kneading you snus*
I'll tell you who the man of the house is

K-ON! (OST) - After School Tea Time

Even if the day comes when we aim for different skies and separate, we won't be apart
Because if I listen closely I can hear it, the eternity which we played out

Gacharic Spin - I Want to Become an Ageless Witch

I want to become an ageless witch
I want to live like I felt my heart throbbing
Look, let's listen closely to the voice of our hearts

Maya Angelou - Alone

Can make it out here alone.

Now if you listen closely
I'll tell you what I know

Taeyeon - Atlantis Princess

The children playing the trumpet with the angels

If you listen closely somewhere in a forest
There is a small voice that only I can hear

Nabila - Prends ma main

J'aimerai que tu sois mien
Listen closely
You are the one beating in my chest

Kare Kano (OST) - A promise with an angel

From the sound that seems like whispering
I only think of you as I listen closely

VUUR - Your Glorious Light Will Shine – Helsinki

I see angels near
They will guide you in this life
Listen closely to my voice and we will set you free

Super Junior - Gulliver

is the tip of the iceburg

Quickly sink down and listen closely
They call me a curly hairy man,

King Creosote - Favourite Girl

Better listen closely
I guess that I have not got long
Promise you'll tell her
She's my favorite girl in all the world

Christmas Carols - Stars twinkle in the clear night/O Holy Night

A brand new morning has come for those who followed the long dark road and await the Messiah
The glorious sun rises
Now listen closely, the angels are singing
Enchanting, heavenly songs

Söhne Mannheims - No Fear

I'll stand with you as your man
No more dead ends, let's start from the beginning
Open your eyes, listen closely
No fear, I will take heart in you

Alexander Blok - Confusion

Wants to break free as storm play?

Mask, please let me listen closely
To the beat of your dark heart,

Pionierlieder - At red light, stay put

you're in no hurry.

Sabine, listen closely:
that's how it's done!

Olivia Lufkin - A Little Pain


Helene Fischer - Time warp

It's astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
I've got to keep control

Hamtaro (OST) - Hamtaro ending theme

Come on and sing this magical song,
It's a secret.
Listen closely and whoopsadaisy
Hamtaro knows the melody

Trisha Paytas - Pinup Girl

I'll be dusting off my shoulders sipping on a cup of English tea
'Cause life is a pageant, you're the runner up
Listen closely don't you dare get it twisted
I ain't just another bleach blonde Barbie doll

Sonohra - Lucille

without Lucille on me
and you ll see me docile with a half brain
If u would listen closely
my heavy Blues sound

Suara - Summer days with you

The silver colored ocean has an orange shine
I make a wish to the first evening star that we would surely meet again
If I were to listen closely to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore
It's as if I hear a love song saying「embrace me…」

NANA (OST) - A little Pain


Lawrence Gray - Love Renegade

And we’re not able to float

If you listen closely
To the beating of my heart

Abidaz - Red Blue Green

Man we dont give a fuck we're colorblind, contacts out on the red
My boys always been raw, houses always been high
Listen closely hear shots in the forest, that's how the thieves practice
We're going all the way in, then out, no talk about that

Alexander Listengort - Twice a Day

It is almost an eighth day when twice a 24-hours, that do mean so much on the Earth, I have the honor to speculate Sun in two of it's most furious, most shiny, most great and most beautiful incarnations of all th time it stands with me on the same side of a globe. Besides, I emphasize an exceptional favor of such interactions with a source of life. Truly: gratefully taking it's light, either it is a morning slide across the smooth surface of heaven curtains, or proud and unhurried, his barely perceptible steps beyond the horizon on a sky emaciated by clouds, a man, expressing the desire and will to let that light in, can turn itself into this light for a while, and shine itself in mornings and evenings, to be itself in a mood of joy and immediate smile.
Today it is necessary. No - not that today, when so much of different stuff runs past consciousness, offering it to listen closely, to believe, or to refuse it and to forget. No - not that today, when the interior self, embodying the essence and the root cause of things and the self, materialized in a form, matter and the dense energy, should ask again the each other questions, wanting to pull one another into their world. But Today, when the times of great changes do come closer. Of changes in a world structure, consciousness of humanity, feauters of nature, level of senses and of understanding, feeling of dimensionality, changes in spirit, when it's light will become the main source, head and the first, as it always been, even a long time ago before coming here and any other planet.
So isn't that happiness - to meet the Sun, and give it a back smile? Knowing that then the energies of new existence will flow unison with a sense of our soul?