Los piratas (English translation)

English translation

The pirates

On weekdays
at settled times
we raise the flag
a group of pirates.
Misterious calls
secret meetings
distant hotels
places without witnesses.
We take off the prision ring
and we live a single man night...
We're the pirates
we like the adventure
the dance hall nights
We're the pirates
a whole life true
to the pussycats and the cheating.
A business trip
job meetings
issues with the car
excuses of the pirate.
Slips and flirts
plans the whole day
a secret agenda
with a double life.
We don't have vacations nor holidays
the union of the pirate is very sacrificed
We're the pirates
friends of the night
the pussycats and the cheating
We're the pirates
after the cabaret
we go to the sauna.
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Los piratas

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