Love United - Live For Love United lyrics request

  • Artist: Love United
  • Song: Live For Love United
  • Language: Unknown

The main part of this song is in English which is no problem for me. I would like to know the introducing part that is also repeated twice at the end of the song.
Obviously, the English translation of it would be: "Love united, we will stand up for all the people of the world." [???]

I found a video with (perhaps?) a better sound quality:

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Lyrics is too short, sorry
SiHo_92    Sun, 04/02/2018 - 03:49

This is the text that I was able to write:

{requested lyrics}

[Stanza 1:]
Have you ever dreamed of playing for
The biggest team there is on earth?
Have you ever played at dreaming large?
The time is now, and you are the star!
The ball… is travelling in your direction,
Give it all of your attention,
Pick it up and pass it on!
That's what's gonna make us strong!

We will live for love united.
We will give for love united.
For moments like this,
For all those we've missed.
We will live for love united.
Come together undivided!
We will stand up
For all the people of the world.

[Stanza 2:]
Have you ever dreamed of flying high,
Looking down from heaven with god's eyes?
You know… We could use some intervention,
Children needing your protection.
It's not enough to sing this song.
Lift the cup and pass it on!

[Bridge 1:] (¹)
I play for Love United. (English)
Juego por Love United. (Spanish)
{I cannot type those letters in here.} (Korean)
Jag spelar för Love United. (Swedish)
Ne ngioka Love United. (²)
Je jour pour Love United. (French)


[Bridge 2:] (¹)
Eu jogo para Love United. (Portuguese)
Je joue pour Love United. (French)
Ich spiele für Love United. (German)
Anka joué pou Love United. (²)
Anch'io, io gioco per Love United. (Italian)
Eu jogo para Love United. (Portuguese)
Sé hana a Love United bewana. (²)

{requested lyrics}


(The people of the world.)


(The people of the world.)
(The people of the world.)


(¹) I'm not sure whether to add the (spoken) phrases or not.
(²) I couldn't identify the languages.

Thanks for any help!!! Teeth smile