L'uomo volante (English translation)

English translation

The Flying Man

If I had you, you know, I'd understand my life
Discovering within me
That in retrospect every wrong choice
Brought me to you
So I already imagine your smile
And I see us illuminate
At the stadium, in a bar, in an affectionate gesture
That is never understood
I would like to give you an August sky
That frames a moving star
A hidden sun that is born within
And designs the limits of your freedom
That light sound of an important name
The wings of a flying man
To never hide you
Behind my reprimands
And if you were here I'd even have the courage
To fall in love with her
To speak to you this way, as in fact, I already do
Even if you won't listen
Yet you would be my only pride
The swallow that returns to itself
I would like to give you a different world
That has made peace with its cruelty
That fair regret that is born messing up
And confirms the strength of every weakness
The anarchical instinct of a migrant heart
The wings of a flying man
To arrive higher than this little life
Where you are truer (and looking for your daisy)
Than this little life
Where you are truer (avoiding every wrong path)
I would like to give you the infinity that is given by
That tender embrace of a dreaming father
That, like a flying man
Even if you don't come, will know in its heart who you are
This I hope and wish for
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L'uomo volante

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