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Di dunya urang ngumbara,
ngumbarateh da moal lila,
urang teh aya balikna,
lain balik ka indung ka bapak
tapi balik ka alam lahir...
Aya kuya dimuara
aya lukut dina batu
masing tumut kana waktu
didunia urang ngumbara
Kamana jalan kajogja kaditu
kapalih wetan kama jakan
ka surga kaditu ka pangaosan
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Music & Arrangements: Ana Alcaide
Lyrics: traditional sundanese, adapted by Iman Jimbot

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In this world we are wondering
Wondering in such a short period
We will return somehow
Not to our mother and father
Surely to the universe beyond our birth
like the tortoise at the estuary
and the mildew over the stone
Should obey the season,
since we are wondering
Where is the direction to jogja, there to the east?
Where is the direction to heaven, there to the mass?'
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