magnum opus

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magnum opus (Latin) — great work. Said of someone's masterpiece.

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"magnum opus" in lyrics

But who shall then honour my greatness and my deeds
When everyone has perished and been slaughtered without mercy

*My magnum opus will not wait
And the hate burns hot inside me
When insight has given me courage to act

Raubtier - Death by diesel

Men vem skall då hedra mina storverk och dåd
Då alla förgåtts och dräpts utan nåd?

Mitt magnum opus väntar ej
Och hatet brinner hett i mig
Då insikt gett mig mod till dygd

Raubtier - Dieseldöden

Rebellious flames rising
And God's creation failed

Grand master of magnum opus
Open the gate of your sacred eye
That we'd become wise in thee

Behexen - We Burn with Serpent Fire

Mas quem deve honrar minha grandeza e meus feitos
Quando todos perecerem e estiverem chacinados sem misericórdia

Minha magnum opus não irá esperar
E o ódio irá queimar dentro de mim
Quando a consciência me der coragem para agir

Raubtier - Morte pelo diesel