Make waves

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Make waves (English) — Do something that is widely noticed, make an impression.

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Make waves — 1. To cause problems by making suggestions or criticisms. To cause issues that effect the course of events meant to take place. Often used with another expression, "Don't make waves, you're rocking the boat."
2. To do something innovative that draws a great amount of attention and makes a widespread impact on its society, industry, etc., often causing controversy in the process. A viable solar car would really make waves.

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Make waves — 1. волновать (общество и т. п.); производить впечатление; 2. создавать трудности; вызывать неприятности; "поднимать волну"

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Translations of "Make waves"

GermanAuf die Pauke hauen

"Make waves" in lyrics

It was ingrained in me that I wouldn’t amount to a shitstain I thought
No wonder I had to unlearn everything that my brain was taught
Do I really belong in this game? I pondered
I just wanna play my part, should I make waves or not?
So back and forth in my brain the tug of war wages on
And I don’t wanna seem ungrateful or disrespect the artform I was raised upon

Eminem - Guts over fear

Into the sea
Make love
Make waves

Madrugada - Into The Sea

I do come from somewhere
But I am here

But who does really make waves in this country
I do come from somewhere but I am here
I am here

Amel Bent - New French

This is the end of the end of the world
Even the sea does no longer make waves
At last, tonight, everything is calm
Everything is standing at last

Calogero - The end of the end of the world

Jump into the sludge
and go make waves there [dialect for get lost, i don't care]
But stop tormenting me here
Jump into the sludge

Georg Danzer - Jump into the Sludge [Get lost!]

Breathe air you're not used to, tread floors you don't fall through
Make waves...
You crash a symbol hard
Follow no one, always play the wrong card

Ellie Goulding - I'll Hold My Breath

Sick, ill and sluggish minds
Seek with me whom it does good
The beneficiary is that who governs you, makes you
passive[fn]مشي جنب الحيط; idiom. litt. Walk beside the wall; means to stay out of trouble, not to make waves, etc.[/fn], takes you away and controls you
They've imprisoned you inside your mind, jail bars are your fear
You dare not think freely for fear of being caught

Cairokee - Last Song

No nigga could block, not even Dikembe
Compared to Cole, boy, you're softer than a sofa
And so far my new shit's so fire, nigga, check my profile
Who you know make waves in a low tide?
Deebo'ed yo' bitch, now she both ours
Nigga, little brown liquor in my liver

Jeremih - Planes

Bigshots, Little Boats
Port de la Chapelle[fn]The Chapel Gate, the northern entrance to Paris[/fn]
I don't feel beautiful
My curlers no longer make waves[fn]I've assumed "ne" omitted before "sont"; it's quite common to omit "ne" but I'm not at all sure about it here, maybe bigoudi can mean the set of the hair instead of its usual meaning (curlers or rollers)[/fn]
In my studio-appartment I vacuum clean[fn]the noun "vacuum cleaner" is used as a verb here (thanks, Romaint, for your help on that)[/fn]
My video scares me a bit

Chagrin d’Amour - Each does as he pleases

I need to stop this shit
and if we die today, we’ll be legends tomorrow
and whoever stands in our way has got to get out of the way
‘cause when I get to the club, I’ll make waves
like a sea quake
and I screw someone every day; I haven’t spanked the monkey for a number of years²

Fler - Call It What You Want (explicit)

Change the illusion wanna be close set for sail
My hearts in your hand don't you go hurt me again
all we got is one chance and its sink or swim
So why rock a boat and make waves
And everything's coming okay
why am I confused if you love me

Timbaland - Undertow

I never wanted to be like them,
there’s nothing to celebrate
as long as this life takes us down at the knees
I didn’t become a rapper just to make waves;
I don’t take pride in having criminal family members
I’m me, brother; it’s just the way I am

PA Sports - I Never Wanted To Be Like You

Here we have some rules
Let us lay them down.

Don't make waves
Stay in line
And we'll get along fine

Shrek (OST) - Welcome to Duloc

We will change apartments
We will swing rafts
We will make waves
We will feed lions
Because we know

Rambo Amadeus - O'Ruk on the road again

with a thousand sorrows, erasing tracks, erasing days.
It´s not water, but turpentine, what I sweat when I wake up
if I see you walking by alone.
I make puddles, I make waves,
and I turn into a suburb that loves you dearly,
so you might lie down on it,

Marea - To Hell with spring

to this secret place
let's leave Miss Kim
let's hide in a fresh scent
let's make waves in pastel colours
suddenly I wanted to see you
I went outside to call you

Brown Eyed Girls - Leave Miss Kim

پس تعجبی نداشت که هر چی یاد گرفته بودم رو میبایست از ذهنم پاک میکردم
Do I really belong in this game? I pondered
با خودم فکر میکردم : آیا اصلا من مال این کار هستم؟
I just wanna play my part, should I make waves or not?
فقط میخواستم نقش ـم رو بازی کنم؛ باید شر به پا کنم یا نه؟
So back and forth in my brain the tug of war wages on

Eminem - مقابله با ترس

'Cause we always hang out at the gym every day
I'm no actor, and yet I move to Hollywood
I work out until every oldie looks at me, a model look
And I make waves, just like Arnold in the 80s
Paparazzis are annoying, a star takes no selfie
Fuck your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Fler - Anti-Everything

And I'll say it again

Don't make waves in the water
'Less you mess around and you'll drown
It's not like I could have stopped her

Gossip - Don't (Make Waves)

I am
Discreet, my father told me not to make waves
My religion, a lighthouse guiding my steps ever since I set the sails*
It's funny he's watching over me but doing everything

Bigflo et Oli - I am

Two, no, no it didn’t burn out…, the brain is fucked up, not the headphones
Yes, my words make waves like a spit thrown in the fountain
I bet I can fly high without being vain
I transit your mother’s glory –Suck me, looser

Cheloo - in corpore sano

It's better if you chuck yourself out, whore

You make waves before the kids, puts on an act for the people
Each of my friends bests each of your friends
We come, when you're sleeping, cunt, and snatch your dreams

Bushido - Each of my friends

You're all not even visible to me in the rear-view mirror
The wankers here, they hate my hits and chart success
I hope you're all infected by my exhaust clouds
I make waves like a speedboat driver
Came from ghetto patches to the Echo-Gala's reception
Have cash and dough, but never forgot who I am

Mr.Da-Nos - Follow Your Dreams

I can see it happening
Happen, I can see it

Can't go with the flow, got to make waves
Even though I look at the sand, and I'm just one grain
But my intuition says there's a bigger mission I must embrace

Katy Perry - Bigger Than Me

"Bilyana was washing a linen"

- Lichnida, young Lichnida,
If we make waves against you
We'll tame them with our oars,
And we'll look at you with love.

Bulgarian Folk - Lake Ohrid

passengers are those, whose steps are a bit shakier
Decayed tourist attraction Patarei prison,
came boldly, no-one will be shutted in here.
Ahead from there, where ships make waves.
No, It’s not like Harku lake - it doesn’t stink.
The greasiest place: chiburekki in Balti Station

Põhja-Tallinn - Welcome

You could destroy me, and invent me anew.

I wish I could open you wide
Make waves upon your sensibility
Have you only for me
To be able to steal you

Miguel Bosé - Brother of Mine [Anak]

You gotta be strong, strong

Don’t make waves
Don’t make waves
A little more we’ll hit shore
And anchor down for some loving

The Raes - Don't Make Waves

Man its gon' be a real long time I'mma be around
So make way through the crowd
Swimming through a sea of people hope I don't drown
Just trying to make waves with the sound
When my shit drop bitch turn it up loud
And tune them other niggas out

Joey Bada$$ - Ready

No wind, this sound

[Chorus 2]
Waves, make waves
Back down, stop drifting away
Come back, come back, it's all you can take

Of Mice & Men - They Don't Call It "The South" for Nothing

Please, please, please, please, please

What I am is a picture on the TV screen
Don't make waves, don't make a scene
What I say when I play isn't worth a bean
I'm a video Joe in an industry

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Punk Rock Classic