Maldito Serrat (English translation)

English translation

Damned Serrat

How you made me laugh
and cry and feel that the party begins,
how you made me happy
far from my country that crushes and stinks.
How you achieved to enlighten in your voice
the poet of yesterday, of your broken Spain
and tell me how the very woman
I love went behind your words.
Damned Serrat... Damned thief...
You copied the idea I had
right before I wrote it,
damned Serrat... But who could say:
Oh, my love, without you I don't understand awakening
Oh, my love, without you my bed is wide.
Oh, my love that keeps me awake honestly.
Between you and me, there's loneliness and a handful of frost.
How you made me suffer
for Irene and Manuel and the farewell of Lucia.
How you achieved to lie to me so well,
that I can even believe that today it can be a great day
How you achieved so much precision
describing my white and dusty town
if the sacristan haven't seen you there,
nor the priest, nor the officer, nor the dust nor the wind.
Damned Serrat... damned song...
Beating at the doors of my heart
that will always be waiting fully open,
beating at your rhythm, like when you sung:
Ay... Ay utopia... Sweet as our everyday bread.
How you achieved to talk so much about me
and the crazies who love your subject here
All I ever do is thinking of you
when I want to write and the poem isn't born
How you achieved to defeat the times,
with my father before, with my daughters now
who thank you for making us see
that from time to time life makes you fall in love.
Blessed Serrat... Big brother
of anyone who wants to make a true song
about this time that pushes and destroys
or the little things that happen to us.
Blessed trobadour, don't turn off your voice,
what do we do, in this corner
without hearing in your verse the friend embracing,
who can go on and what will be of me if you're far from home.
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Maldito Serrat

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