Mary julie (English translation)

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Mary Julie

In the south of the great county happened
this story of bravery an passion,
in a devaluated town of good air and bad smell,
forgotten by the hand of the Lord.
In a town that was at the bottom,
a lady was the queen of the saloon,
They called her Mary Julie, they called her but no,
she didn't answer the ordinary people.
Mary Julie, Mary Julie, aimed to something better.
Mary Julie, Mary Julie, never opened her heart
until one early morning she tangled up with the sheriff.
While he was playing soccer, tennis, golf,
he promised solution after solution,
a thousand women followed him but he let down all of them,
however he didn't with Mary Julie.
When the boss and his loved one with passion
were arguing about an issue in the bed,
in a bad way came to the town the gang of an outlaw,
the quickest of all: The famous "Sunday Horse".1
Mary Julie, Mary Julie, woke up the great boss,
Mary Julie, Mary Julie, warned him of the assault,
he put on his gun and then the pants.
Our hero faced the invader,
he shot his speech of justice,
Sunday Horse drew his weapon: it was a blank check
and thebig boss proposed him association.
Mary Julie saw the replay from the balcony
in her humble mink coat
and trembled of grief by the tense situation
and offered for this duel her private intervention.
Mary Julie, Mary Julie, went trunning to the judge
and sai -Mr Clinton: you gotta fix this,
if we escape I gift you my paper plane.
Mary Julie, Mary Julie, since that sad time.
Mary Julie, Mary Julie, she lives so happy...
Sunday horse, she and the sheriff, make a great gang...
We dedicate this to the people who watch this on TV
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Mary julie

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