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It seems that many things fill this world to overflowing
However, what exist here and what don't exist here
are everything
I wonder what I can say for sure
That we are living now, and that we will die someday
They're all I can say
However, I'm singing to find something more
You or all mankind except you
If I could save only one of those two,
who would I chose? I'd chose you without hesitating!
If you cry on Monday,
make complaints on Tuesday
and feel can't go on any further on Wednesday
you can smile on Saturday and Sunday
I hope your coming with me today
It's a shame it's shame if you're clogging your mind
Now don't you ever say it's like the end
It's OK it's OK not even started yet
I hope you remember wold said
Then everyday, everyday will be an holiday
OPQRSTUVW double you and me let's slide along side
Both you and me and let's slide along side
Submitted by khama714 on Mon, 16/07/2018 - 06:31
Author's comments:

The title of this song is difficult to translate. In Japanese, 「ます」is a sentence-final particle that makes the sentence more polite, but the word itself has no meaning.
I preserved original title in romaji, but if anyone has better idea, please give me a comment.

The author of translation requested proofreading.
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Masu. (ます。)

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