Me voy a Europa (English translation)

English translation

I'm going to Europe

I'm going to Europe mom, I'm going to Europe,
I'm so depressed that I want to escape.
I'm going to Europe, get my clothes ready
and the cards of dad.
Maybe I get relief watching the jet set
at the top of the Eiffel Tower
and I forget those crazy goddmaned ignorants
who don't even know the Louvre.
I'm going to Europe mom, I'm going to Europe,
I have it decided, I can't stand anymore.
I'm going to Europe, cut it with the soup
because I wanna get there very slim.
I'd like to go to the beach to see
the topless of the sweden girl because I'm free.
The nudes if are blondes... is very artistic
here the cola less is tacky.
I'm going to Europe mom, I'm going to Europe, to Italy...
I'll make my way to Pisa, Roma, Milano.
I'm going to Europe to see if in the European Cup
they can stop Maradona.
But after the months passing I will miss a lot,
after all I'm sentimental too
that's why I'm thinking well this trip now,
I'm a bit sad but I know what to do...
I'm going to Europe mom, I'm going to Europe
I'll take the yerba mate
and four records of chamamé
and the photograph laughing all day
of Pocho and Carlos Gardel
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Me voy a Europa

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