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Circus Monster

Time is dead and gone, Show must go on.
It's time for our act.
They all scream at me, They can not see,
This curtain hides me.
An amazing gift, so quick and swift,
you were amazing.
by myself I can't, They start to chant
Why are you not here?
Grinning at me, I lay on my knees,
They want to hear me, why can not 'he' see.
I want to see you. I need to see you.
I have to see you. what happened to you?
we get up on stage. they jump to enrage.
Why are you not here? Why is 'he' so near?
'He' wants me to sing. I just can not bring...
I say 'he's' not you. What else can I do?
Singing it's silent song of misery,
A monster lies trapped in it's own nightmare.
He is a tyrant. It lets out a plea.
"Why did she have to leave it all alone?"
Bound to sing for us, A worthless monster.
It never sees us. It despises us.
Lying so useless. We start to holler,
"Hey, get up you worthless Circus Monster!"
I lay all alone, I should have known.
You would have left me.
'He' smiles at me. I can not see why 'he's' in your place.
They can't tell me why you said 'Good bye' right before our act.
Those two young lions were always so fun.
Why did they leave too?
Roaring at me, I lay on my knees,
What is happening? I can hear you sing.
They will not obey, they've been lead astray.
Will I still see you? I have to see you.
I panic and flee. They both pounce on me.
I fall to the ground. I can't hear a sound.
I look up and see you are not with me.
am I all alone? Where could you have gone?
(Chrous x3)
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