Name: Marie-Lou
From: Québec; now living in Czech Republic.
Occupation: ♥︎
FrenchGerman, English, SpanishBulgarian, Greek, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Czech, Belarusian99250
Moderator sapiens sapiens
Name: Juan
From: Rio
Occupation: Teacher / Researcher
PortugueseEnglishGerman, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin66519
Editor Big Wild Cat - Snow Bars
Name: Sergey/ Сергей/ Sergej
From: Russia/Россия/Rusija
Occupation: Free student
RussianRussianBosnian, Croatian, English, French, Serbian57806
Name: Elisabeth
From: France
Occupation: Student, procrastinator & koumpounophobic.
FrenchEnglish, FrenchEnglish, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Turkish52653
Super Member
From: France
Occupation: Analyste informaticien
FrenchGerman, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese52436
Moderator of the Oceanic Realms
Name: Josh
From: USA, Hawaiian Islands
Occupation: Gamer
Name: Celal Kabadayı
From: Turkey
Occupation: English Teacher
TurkishGerman, French, English, Spanish, ItalianDutch, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Portuguese, Russian, Azerbaijani42497
From: Greece
Occupation: University Student
GreekEnglishArabic, English, Italian, Turkish41851
Moderator Of The Asian Continent
GreekEnglishBulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish40947
Moderator of Romance Languages
Name: Элен [carnivorous_lamb]
From: New York (US) & DF (México)
English, SpanishLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Aragonese, Catalan, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese39741
Super Member
Name: Mark
From: germany
Occupation: polymath
English, GermanFrench, HebrewGreek, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Yiddish35655
Editor Baudolina
Name: Marija
Occupation: linguist ecclectic
Super Member
From: Uruguay
SpanishEnglishCatalan, Esperanto, Portuguese35495
Super Member
Name: Georgia
Dances with wolves
Name: Wolfgang
From: Germany
Occupation: Maltreating Languages
GermanEnglish, SpanishFrench, Greek (classical), Italian, Latin, Catalan33770
Name: Vale
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Pensioner
RomanianEnglish, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish25874
Retired Moderator amoRaЯoma
Name: Evan
From: a bygone future
Occupation: Part time Lover, fart time Doubter
full time speck in tempest's power
GreekEnglishFrench, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Greek (classical)25555
Super Member
Name: Marinka
Occupation: ...a bit of everything...
Russian, UkrainianSpanishEnglish, Portuguese25549
From: गोविंदा का दिल
Occupation: wanna-be-writer & book reviewer
GermanEnglish, German (Austrian/Bavarian), German (Berlinerisch dialect), German (central dialects), German (Kölsch), German (Low German), German (Middle High German), German (Old High German), German (Swiss-German/Allemanic)Dutch, French, Hindi, Latin24490
Moderator in a lilac wood
RomanianEnglish, FrenchEnglish, French, Latin24098
From: The Netherlands
DutchDutch, EnglishFrench, German, Italian (Central dialects), Russian, Spanish22614
Super Member
From: Bulgaria
Occupation: Student
BulgarianBulgarianEnglish, Greek, Russian, Serbian22088
Moderator of the southern North
From: Denmark
DanishEnglishEsperanto, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish21916
Name: Красная Шапочка (Rotkäppchen)
From: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: BELIEBER
SerbianSerbianEnglish, Spanish, Turkish20505
Super Member
From: France
Occupation: Teacher
FrenchPortugueseGerman, English, Catalan, Spanish20011
Retired Moderator (Alice from Wonderland)
From: Hungary
Occupation: Wife, administrator & secretary.
HungarianEnglish, French, German, Russian, Turkish19998
Name: Sandra
From: Croatia
Occupation: learning languages
CroatianBosnian, Croatian, Serbian, MontenegrinEnglish, German, Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian (Chakavian dialect), Croatian (Kajkavian dialect), Slovene17984
Name: Jeлена
From: Serbia
Super Member
From: Russia
RussianEnglishEnglish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French16880
Super Member
Name: Nadyelle Kósa
Occupation: - nurse -
Hungarian, RomanianEnglish, French, German, Italian16821
A poet from a lost generation.
Name: Νικολής Κάππα
From: Athens. Greece
GreekEnglishFrench, Greek (classical), Latin16782
Name: Jonathan Crane
From: Paris
Occupation: Joker
Kindness will save the world!
Name: Tatiana
From: Italy
Occupation: Teacher of foreign languages
Belarusian, RussianEnglish, Italian, RussianDutch, English, German, Italian15508
Retired Moderator & Squirrel chasing nuts
Name: Исмаэл Линц
From: Brazil
Occupation: Mathematician
PortugueseEnglish, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish15207
Name: Geli
From: Deutschland
GermanEnglishFrench, Italian, Latin15158
Super Member
Name: Sapfw
From: Athens, Greece
Editor and cheeky nitpicker
Occupation: unperson
FrenchEnglishGerman, Russian15071
Moderator — I need to watch you go!
Name: Philippe
From: Montpellier, France
Occupation: Translation Studies
FrenchEnglishArabic, Arabic (other varieties), Breton (Brezhoneg), Dutch, Dutch dialects, German, Japanese, Norwegian14694
Moderator / hippie-abraça-árvore
Name: Ⰿⰰⰾⱆⰽⰰ
From: Macondo
GermanEnglish, French, Portuguese, SpanishJapanese, Russian14627
Name: Natalia/Наталия
From: Russia
Occupation: Student
RussianUkrainianBosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian14580
Name: Tero Ranta
From: indéfini
Occupation: traducteur et poète amateur, étudiant
FinnishEnglish, FrenchChinese, Estonian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish14220
Moderator Alex the Translator
Name: Олександр Ласкавцев
From: Україна/Украина/Ukraine/Ucraina
UkrainianEnglish, RussianBulgarian, German14191
Moderator Traduttore - traditore
Name: Angela
From: Croatia
Occupation: Teacher of russian and italian
CroatianBosnian, English, Russian, SerbianGreek, Italian, Russian, Spanish14148
Name: Anıl
TurkishAzerbaijani, Crimean Tatar, English, GagauzTurkmen, Uzbek, Transliteration13806
Super Member
Name: Monika
From: Croatia
Occupation: Student
CroatianEnglish, SpanishFilipino/Tagalog, Latin, German, Portuguese13799
Name: Marco
From: Cagliari, Sardinia, Western Mediterranean Sea
Occupation: dancer of the stars
Italian, SardinianEnglish, SpanishCatalan, Corsican, French, English, Latin, Romanian, German13660
Name: Marina
From: Russia
UkrainianRussianEnglish, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin13522
Super Member
Name: Ismail Filip Hromčík
From: Sandžak, Serbia
Occupation: Student, Translator (apparently) ...
Bosnian, Serbian, SlovakBulgarian, Croatian, English, Goranian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Old Church Slavonic, Russian, Torlakian dialectArabic, Aramaic (Syriac Classical), Egyptian (Old Egyptian/Coptic), Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Romani, Sanskrit, Turkish, Polish13242
Moderator Saro
Name: Anastasia
From: Canada
Occupation: University Student
English, SerbianBosnian, Croatian, MontenegrinFrench, German, Japanese, Macedonian, Russian, Spanish13181
Moderator of Eternity
Name: Jala
From: Ganja-Azerbaijan
Occupation: Student
AzerbaijaniEnglish, TurkishEnglish, Russian13141
Super Member
Name: Noura
From: Iraq
Arabic, Arabic (other varieties)Arabic, EnglishArabic, English, Portuguese, Spanish13137
Moderator and Scholar of a Dark Age
From: Germany
German, German (central dialects)German, EnglishOld Norse/Norrønt, German (Old High German), German (Middle High German), Greek (classical), Japanese, Latin, Sanskrit, Swedish, Spanish, Sumerian13063
Name: Vladímir Sosnín
From: Russia, Yekaterinburg
Occupation: Student of International Relations
RussianEnglish, RomanianBulgarian, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian (Aromanian), Ukrainian12941
Name: Agnieszka
Occupation: freelance translator
PolishCatalan, EnglishFrench, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish12882
Super Member
Super Member
From: Germany
Occupation: §§§
GermanEnglish, Spanish12694
Moderator Spirit
From: Greece
Occupation: University Student
GreekEnglishEnglish, French, Greek (classical), Latin, Spanish12459
FrenchDutch, English, FrenchDutch, English12414
Name: Andrzej
PolishEnglish, German, RussianSpanish12264
Editor - Sculptor of Language
Name: Hans
From: Germany (State Hessen)
Occupation: retired technician (Airline)
Super Member
Name: Maria
From: Greece
Occupation: Studying Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psycology
GreekEnglish, GreekFrench, Italian, Latin11730
Moderator in a galaxy of ice
From: Romania
Occupation: Undergraduate Student
Moderator "Πόντια και μ' έναν ομάτ"
Name: Κορίνα/Korina
From: Greece
GreekEnglish, French, Greek, TurkishEnglish, French, Turkish11435
Turkish music lover
From: Romania
Occupation: Teacher
RomanianEnglish, French, RomanianEnglish, French, Spanish, Turkish11312
PortuguesePortugueseCape Verdean, French, English, Kriol (Guinea Bissau)11189
Super Member
Name: Anikó
From: Hungary
Occupation: teacher, agronomist
HungarianEnglish, French11029
Super Member
Super Member
Name: Aldis
From: Lettonie
LatvianFrench, Italian10879
Retired Moderator
From: Venezuela
Occupation: Student
SpanishEnglishCatalan, English (Middle English), Esperanto, French, Galician, German, Italian, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Portuguese, Spanish (Old Castillian)10751
На Нах Нахма Нахман Меуман
From: Middle Earth
Occupation: Nordic Blacksmith
EnglishEnglish, TransliterationArabic, French, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Other, Russian, Transliteration, Ukrainian, Vietnamese10682
Editor - Ironic Iron ֍ The Black Sun
From: between existential and astral planes
Super Member
Name: Petruš20
The Senior Who Became Beast
Name: 田所浩二(Kouji Tadokoro)
From: 下北沢(Shimokitazawa)
Occupation: 学生(Student)
JapaneseEnglish, French10528
From: Barcelona
Occupation: Accountant
Catalan, SpanishEnglish, French, Galician-Portuguese, Italian, PortugueseFrench, Japanese, Russian10500
From: Brasil / Brazil / Бразилия
Occupation: Linguistics Student
PortuguesePortugueseEnglish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, IPA, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Hindi10472
Košinja Pataphysician
From: Brasil / Brazil / Бразила
PortuguesePortugueseBosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian, Spanish10317
Super Member
Name: Стефан (Stefan)
From: Podgorica (MNE) - Split (HR)
Croatian, SerbianEnglish, French, German, PolishGreek, Latin, Russian, Slovak10247
Retired Moderator
Name: Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
From: Chrząszczyżewoszyce powiat Łękołody
Super Member
Name: Anatoli
From: Sydney Australia
Occupation: Painter- decorator
Russian, UkrainianEnglish9988
Super Member
Name: Μαρία
Occupation: student
Name: Marianne
From: France
Occupation: Law student
FrenchEnglish, SpanishBosnian, Croatian, Danish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish9814
Super Member
Name: Eylül
From: Bursa/Turkey
Occupation: Student
TurkishEnglishFrench, German9797
Name: Rosa
From: Spain
Occupation: Teacher Translator Editor
SpanishEnglish, ItalianFrench, Latin9665
Retired Moderator
Name: 小文
From: France
FrenchEnglishChinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Interlingua9599
Moderator and Incorrigable
Retired Moderator
Name: Simona
From: Romania
RomanianFrench, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, EnglishFrench, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, English9517
From: Turkey
TurkishEnglish, JapaneseGerman, Chinese9333
Super Member
Name: Jorge
From: México
SpanishEnglishFrench, German9222
Name: hüseyin avni dağlı
From: Antalya - Türkiye
Occupation: tıp - медицина
TurkishEnglish, Russian, UzbekEnglish, Russian, Uzbek9195
Moderator of the Balkans :)
Name: Gloria
From: United Kingdom // Bulgaria
Occupation: daytime administrator, nighttime language geek
BulgarianEnglish, ItalianAlbanian, French, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian9088
Retired Moderator Absolute Froggy
Name: Zrinka
From: Croatia
Occupation: Student
Editor (and) усталый старик
Name: Tom Thomson
From: UK
Occupation: Retired
English, Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic)French, SpanishFrench (Middle French), Gaelic (Irish Gaelic), German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian8901
Moderator Liebe ist die beste medizin
Name: Enmanuel
From: Venezuela
Occupation: Industrial Engineering Student
SpanishSpanishEnglish, Portuguese8820
Retired Moderator
Croatian, Dutch, Serbian, Bosnian, MontenegrinEnglish8809
From: Spain
SpanishCatalan, French, English, Italian, Portuguese8731
Super Member
From: near Venice; attualmente dalle parti di Venezia - ma non è casa mia
Occupation: I'm an absolute beginner, and I'm absolutely sane (?!)
ItalianEnglish, NeapolitanArabic, German, Greek (classical), Italian (Southern Italian dialects), Latin, Russian, Spanish, Turkish8683
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