Merhaba, ej naš Resule (English translation)

English translation

Hello, hey, our Prophet

Marhaba1, hey our Rasul2,
From my sincere heart.
First soul from the Azal3,
Which is loved like the pupil of the eye.
A Guide under a banner,
Like the green grass.
A folded Ahmedi4,
Of all the Nabiis5 and Awliya6
Marhaba, hey pure being,
Marjan7 of both worlds.
Hey, o luminaire in the darkness,
Darman 8 of all pains.
O, breeze which brings scent,
To all of the branches of our treetops.
O, flower of the colourful garden,
O, proud basil.
O Shefaatchi9, o warm sun,
And moon's tender dream,
Take us to be among the Ghazis10,
And the Shahids11 with a beautiful scent.
Take us, like the As-Sahabah12,
Through the gates of light.
When the leaves of the Tuba tree13 hum,
And the rivers of musk.
  • 1. "Marhaba" or "Marhaban" [Arabic: مرحبا] = "Hello" or "Welcome!". (read more)
  • 2. "Rasul" [Arabic: رسول] = a "Messenger" (of God Almighty). (read more)
  • 3. "Azal" [Arabic: أزل] = " Distant past / ancient / eternity / immemorial". (read more)
  • 4. "Ahmedi" [Arabic script: احمدي] = is a name of a hat traditionally worn by Bosniak Imams. Also known as Sarik/Saruk. It is a Fez wrapped with a white cloth. (it looks like this: open link ; read more: Fez ; Turban)
  • 5. "Nabi" [Arabic: نبي] = "Prophet". (read more)
  • 6. "Wali" sg. [Arabic: ولي‎]; "Awliya'" pl. [Arabic: أولياء] = "Protector" or "Guardian", or "Saint". (read more)
  • 7. "Marjan" [Arabic: مرجان] = "Perl" or a "Coral". (read more)
  • 8. "Darman" [Persian: درمان] = "Cure". (read more)
  • 9. "Shefaatchi" [Ottoman Turkish: شفاعتجی] = "Intercessor". Coming from the Arabic word "Shafa'ah" [Arabic: شفاعة] = "Intercession". (read more)
  • 10. "Ghazi" [Arabic: غازي] = "Warrior". (read more)
  • 11. "Shahid" [Arabic: شهيد‎] = "Martyr". (read more)
  • 12. "As-Sahabah" [Arabic: الصحابة‎] = "Companions" (of the Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.]). (read more)
  • 13. "Tuba tree" [Arabic: شجرة طوبى] = lit. "Blessed tree" - a tree which, according to the Muslim belief, grows in Paradise. (read more)
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Merhaba, ej naš Resule

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