Mi cariñito (English translation)

English translation

My sweet love

Sweet love that God gave me to love it back,
sweet love that loves me without demanding,
heavens gave me a sweet love without deserving it
looking at, oh, those eyes, you will know who she is!
With her there is no desperate sorrow,
a sweetheart who loves me with sweet love,
for her there is no inconsolable sorrow,
looking at her face, I can see God.
(Refrain x2)
Oh, how happy I am
when I listen to her talk!
With so much love I give her this song!
Oh, how blissful am I,
with her, happy I am!
Submitted by roster 31 on Sat, 09/12/2017 - 18:12
Author's comments:

Easy song and yet, it offered some difficulties trying to avoid repetitions, in English, with the words "amor" y "cariño", "love" in English. ("Afection" didn't fit into the idea).


Mi cariñito

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