Mi semilla (English translation)

English translation (singable)

My seed

If life doesn't want you to grow
I plant you again and I'll see
If this time I'm feeling so lucky
And you sprout so you can see me
Because I'm not a cuckoo
I remember how to laugh and smile
And if you are by my side
I will swear to you that I won't lie
I will not sell you
You are gonna live
My thing is for you
Your thing is to give
An elf came who seemed so crazy
And said to me what should I do
To be able to do those things that
We both want to learn how to do
That in life there's a dream and
This time I want to pull it out
To enjoy I want this round
I don't want any other round
What there is for me
What there is for you
We got up here so
Today we will do
I'm gonna change the mood for this time
And I'm gonna change the recipe
As there is no sun in this fading night
Peeping at you I can see you start to bud
And your leaves begin to grow
And I get so happy, I'll have enough
For a smoke.
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Mi semilla

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