Minimum Stress (English translation)

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Minimum Stress

Minimum stress and maximum bless, optimum sweetness, impress and express. (x4)
On streets, subways, trolleys, dream cars carrying homeless people.
The people searching for feats and changes are floating on the road almost weightless.
Symphony of sounds, frames, dripping streets, events, accidentally shot with cameras.
Casting, colours, city contrasts and the rest of the crowd are people unknown.
From Vitosha to the metro, on "Vitoshka" towards Orlov Most.
The harsh city I cross, my sneakers I wear out fast.
Clarinets, horns. How are you? Do you hear the city clamour?
If you show yourself, if you cross the doorstep, you're already part of the parade!
By sunrise and sunset, in subway and overpass,
with or without, bald or with fez
come out from the cage. The freedom is homeless.
There was no lyrics, but they came last night.
The freedom doesn't have an address! (x2)
Minimum stress and maximum bless, optimum sweetness impress and express. (x4)
The scales without weight, the boundless scars, fresh traces.
Painful foaming waves, changing the stars with a day, you hid in me.
Without a candle I welcome the walls on the narrow streets, where we grow our bodies.
And with exactly cut months we count the days vertically. (x2)
The freedom doesn't have an address! (x2)
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Minimum Stress

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