Mirsal (مرسال) (English translation)

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Messenger after messenger,
and the situation is hard, if you only knew it.
Longing for you is deadly,
I'm burned by the quantity of sand.
If it goes on, no matter how long,
promise you'll wait for me.
If you send me news,
reassure me about you.
Tell me, oh beauty, that you still remember me,
that the heart still quivers for my name.
Days after days,
I don't know what's happening to me.
The light rips open the night.
I'm staying up and desiring
you to return to me, oh beauty.
Promise you'll wait for me.
I'll tell you and you'll tell me,
and you're the one who knows.
Whether a day, whether a month,
I'm not able to.
And you're gone for eons,
and I can't take it.
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Author's comments:

Oh beauty- the literal translation is "Oh moon." Moon is a nickname for a beautiful girl.


Mirsal (مرسال)

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