Money down the drain

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Idiomatic translations of "Money down the drain"

Rahat menivät kuin Kankkulan kaivoon
Деньги на ветер

Meanings of "Money down the drain"


waste valuable resources, squander money

Explained by St. Sol on Sat, 10/02/2018 - 19:46
Explained by St. Sol

"Money down the drain" in lyrics

Uso - Superman in my Pocket

You'd think I was in Fitness DK
Shorty*** quid pro quo
Don't just throw money down the drain
For I'm from Jutland

Sektor Gaza - The pothouse

If you want to get hit in between your eyes with a bottle,
Go to pothouse!
If you want to pour your money down the drain,
Go to pothouse!

Sektor Gaza - Moonshiners

We will make moonshine from beetroot, we've got some leaven already.
We will never queue up for vodka -
You fucking didn't guess, pour money down the drain!
We make moonshine!