to move mountains

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to move mountains (English) — To do everything possible and impossible to reach the goal

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Translations of "to move mountains"

Germanmit dem Kopf durch die Wand wollen
Germansich etwas in den Kopf setzen
Russianгоры переверну

"to move mountains" in lyrics

After it hitted several things like
People, thoughts and caracter types.
I see folks shooting the breeze, and bro', they are many...
But there are few others that are fighting to move mountains.
Others that have something to say,
And others that are trying to reach higher.

Guess Who - Higher

But I'm lacking you, you're a half of my life,
And our love is enough,
Our love is enough for me to sweeten two griefs
To move mountains and to bring you back here again,
Our love is enough

Giorgos Dalaras - Your Love's Risk

You did not love me Elif, Elif,
You did not love me Elif, Elif.

I always wondered to move mountains,
I could not stack these mountains they were rough,
Parable tears flowing like a flood,

Deniz - Elif


If I could speak all the people’s languages, even the language of angels, but I don’t have love for my fellow people, my words sound like a copper bell or noise of a cymbal.
If I have the gift of prophecy and I am familiar to all the mysteries and all the knowledge of the world I do have, even the faith to move mountains, but I have no love, I am nothing.

If I give all my things to the poor, if I give my body to be burned in fire, but I don’t have love, it doesn’t do me any good.

Petros Gaitanos - Hymn to Love

You've defeated me completely
Keep every cell occupied
You've climbed my very top
You've showed me how to move mountains

If my soul lies in wrinkles

Herbert Grönemeyer - Nothing else possible

To not worry anymore,
But the telephone stays where it is.
The thoughts of you are enough,
To move mountains,
To hurt myself again,
To fly away without a parachute.

Wise Guys - We had the moment

We are Oltenians, in other words, we are many.
We are tired of having to be ready to move mountains,
Naïve people (or green lizards) can jump and dance, and make a lot of moves
They could triple this, but still fall on a lost line,

C.I.A. - Oltenian

Love is,
so strong
You may have moved mountains but[fn]meaning that you may be strong enough to move mountains but love is stronger and it will break you[/fn]
It (love) will break you
It will break you

Kostas Makedonas - Facing Each Other

Rise, from the quiet I will rise...
Rise, from the quiet I will rise...
Take my hand,
Give me the faith to move mountains.
Give me the strength to rebuild.
Help me become a better man, help me to understand your will.

Hands - I will

If you were ever in doubt
Don't sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof
Hard to move mountains when you're paralyzed
But you gotta try, so I'm callin' out

Shinedown - Get Up

You are like the wind that lights the fire burning the truth
Your lies go harvesting guilt that wells up in the sea

Don't cry to move mountains
If your echo asks to go back to the hotel

La Ley - Hotel Malibu

You cringe at the lightning
You walk on the water afraid
Cause faith to move mountains
Is like a shadow, falling away
And memories of darkness

Anadel - Remember me

Opened my vision to the way that love
Touching the foot on the ground reaches the stars
Has the power to move mountains
When does it happen?
Break down barriers

Roupa Nova - The Power of Love

Falling stars
Draw a pentagram up in the sky
Torches are lit
It's time to move mountains

Deep in the womb

Turmion Kätilöt - Embryo

Will our love be enough to move mountains or turn out too little too late?
Would we still see a future? Would we be scared and afraid?
Will our love be enough to move mountains or turn out too little too late?
Will our love be enough to move mountains or turn out too little too late?

Too little too late

Domenique Azzopardi - Too little too late

We're going to

I can show you strong, I can fight for you
I can try to move mountains if you want me to

But, baby, I ain't Wonder Woman

Kacey Musgraves - Wonder Woman

Boulders to rocks, gravel to sand
Leaving you nothing but beaches
You used to move mountains
A wave of your hand
Now you just finger the peace, and now

Puscifer - Money Shot