Musste ich nicht damit rechnen (English translation)

English translation

Shouldn't I have expected it?

Shouldn't I have expected it?
Ever since the party where you were laughing
And paying me compliments?
While at the same time she had no idea
And was making her way through various friends
Shouting towards all of them that you were great
That you were loving and faithful
And how much she liked your charm?
While I ways lying down in your arms
And you were telling my many nice things
And you were complaining about her?
Shouldn't I have expected it?
The way you're squirming now
Feeling nothing but sympathy
And then, while you're drinking far too much
You're breaking to me in sweet words
That you're not not the man for me
And that my pain will fade
That I'm far too good for you
That you now, how I feel
And that we should stay friends
And that we should write each other once in a while?
Shouldn't I have expected
That it would end one day?
Was I really blind enough
To believe that I knew you
And that nobody could separate us?
Have I lost my mind?
Why can't I still believe it
Neither believe it, nor understand it?
It was foreseeable
Which ever way you look at it :
It was my fault
It was my fault
It was my fault
It was my fault
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Author's comments:

I had to add some question marks for clarity since these are some VERY long sentences.


Musste ich nicht damit rechnen

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