Nailasikau, Vahe I (English translation)


Nailasikau, Vahe I

Fakatapu mo e taloni 'o Tonga
Pea tapu mo e kakala hingoa
He mo si'i lupe kei manoa
Kae tui e papai falahola.
Aofaki atu e ha'a kotoa
Kae fakaha'ia hoku 'ofa
Ki he 'aho 'oku ta fakahokoa
Hopo ai e fakahalafononga.
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English translation

Nailasikau, Chapter One

Respects to the throne of Tonga
And respects to the nobles thereof
The lovely dove1, still entrammeled
Entangled in the falahola2
May all the tribes be sanctified
And may I shew my unwavering love
This day that is marked in time
Which begins in the rising of the evening stars.
  • 1. fig. lovely maiden
  • 2. a necklace made from the pandanus plant.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Notes: In Tongan mythology, Nailasikau is a faito'o [a shaman/medicineman/witchdoctor] from the islands of Fiji.

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