Ne dlya menya (Не для меня) (English translation)


Ne dlya menya (Не для меня)

Не для меня придёт весна,
Не для меня Дон разольётся,
Там сердце девичье забьётся
С восторгом чувств – не для меня.
Не для меня цветут сады,
В долине роща расцветает,
Там соловей весну встречает,
Он будет петь не для меня.
Не для меня журчат ручьи,
Текут алмазными струями,
Там дева с чёрными бровями,
Она растет не для меня.
Не для меня придёт Пасха,
За стол родня вся соберётся,
"Христос воскрес" из уст польётся,
Пасхальный день не для меня.
Не для меня цветут цветы,
Распустит роза цвет душистый.
Сорвешь цветок, а он запахнет.
Такая жизнь не для меня.
А для меня кусок свинца,
Он в тело белое вопьётся,
И слезы горькие прольются.
Такая жизнь, брат, ждёт меня.
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English translation

No, Not for Me (S)

No, not for me the spring will be
Nor will for me Don overflow
A girl's heart will beat on the go
From rapturous feels - but not for me.
No, not for me the garden's green
A grove is blooming in the valley
A nightingale sings spring so gaily
It will sing on - but not for me
No, not for me the river creeks
Are babbling on in diamond flows
And there a girl with black eyebrows
She's growing up - but not for me
No, not for me there'll Easter be
And all the folks will sit at tables
And "Christ is Risen" will be then hailed
This Easter Day is not for me
No, not for me is flowers' glee
A rose blooms into such fragrance
You pick a bloom and it'll fade at once
This is the life that's not for me
What is for me - a small lead piece*
It'll sink into my snow-white body
And bitter tears will flow o'er me
This is the life that waits for me
Submitted by sandring on Thu, 27/10/2016 - 07:50
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Author's comments:

* a bullet

Kostis    Thu, 27/10/2016 - 08:45

Something is going wrong with this translation... Is it poetic or something? Did you sacrifice accurate translaton for fitting the words in the musical measure? Is it acceptable?

Alexander Laskavtsev    Thu, 27/10/2016 - 08:47

As for me it is even desirable Regular smile But not all members of our community share my opinion. IT IS acceptable Wink smile

Sciera    Thu, 27/10/2016 - 08:49

Adaptations are acceptable on this website.

If it is one, it would be better if you'd mention that beneath it or in the title, sandring.

Kostis    Thu, 27/10/2016 - 08:51

So, acceptable but not desirable by some people in here... Allright, I beg your pardon!

Alexander Laskavtsev    Thu, 27/10/2016 - 08:59

Everything depends on your goals of visiting this site. If these goals are educational, then you would prefer exact interlinear translations. However if you are a fan of poetry, then your choice are poetic translations. Anyway it is better to mark the poetic translations, to let other people know what kind of translation it is. (I usually do this.)

sandring    Thu, 27/10/2016 - 10:13

Ladies and gentlemen, if you presume that this beautiful singable translation isn't accurate it means only one thing - you either don't know Russian or you don't know English or you know neither of them! Cheers! Regular smile