Nema Bolje (English translation)

English translation

There´s no the better one

Jala and Buba:
She can´t with him, oh no, no, no
and how she could if tonight she was with me
maybe I´m guilty
because when they around me, they´re different
and you want that so
you´re the top and you like it as top model
and I´m over, my eyes are red like ceiling of the brothel
you´re a poision in my veins
and from the bar goes a round of drinks, we spend money like a bank
girls run after me, and I like that thin one
she looks at me without censorshim as nymphomaniac
smell of the bar, wake until the morning on two gram
there´s a light, everybody likes her face
her legs are always in the air like the door of lamborghini
Jala and Buba:
She spite, she doesn´t care, the bottles of Belveder
she break when she´s dancing like the bullets of revolver
she wants every one get up on feet, nobody knows her plan
everything with her is an enigma, but I know well
there´s no the better one, I know that
there´s no the better one, I know that
Hang out in Sarajevo, drink vodka Melone
important as well as Don Corleone
are we street or pop star idols
I have no idea, don´t even know the place where I live
so don´t tell Camora what he has to do
down in the Audi with the guys, feature Jala Buba
model Al Pacino, for me it was never 2Pac
chays of every sort, brother, caramel and nougat
like Berlusconi Bunga Bunga does it
for them we´re gorilla, brother, Unga Unga
leggings hauteng, she carries zero underneath
in the past she didn´t want to know me
today she wants number, number
I´m in the porsche panamera, pose for the speed camera
bottle of Belvedera, get us a few more liters
do you threaten me on Twitter, okay
boy, look, the caliber
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Nema Bolje

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