No hay clemencia (English translation)


No hay clemencia

En cada insulto, golpe tras golpe
Aprenderás que no hay clemencia
No trabajas para nada
No te arrastras para nada
Y cuando vas por lo tuyo
Te escupen en la cara
No hay clemencia
No hay clemencia
No hay clemencia
No hay clemencia
Tantos líos ya no entiendes
Para ti nunca hay dinero
Pero puntualmente
Se le paga al extranjero
Más no te quejes
Al menos tienes libertad
La libertad de morirte de hambre
Aprenderás, aprenderás
Que esta farsa no da para más
Con tantos vivos, con raros reprimidos
Y con vendidos que te delataran
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English translation

There's no mercy

On every insult, hit by hit
You'll learn that there's no mercy
You work for nothing
You crawl for nothing
And when you go for your things
They spit on your face
There's no mercy
There's no mercy
There's no mercy
There's no mercy
So many troubles you don't understand
There's never money for you
But punctually
They pay the foreign
But don't complain
At least you have freedom
Freedom of dying starving
You'll learn, you'll learn
That this sham can't go on
With so many smartasses, with repressed weirdos
And with sellouts who will denounce you
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