Paulina Rubio - No me obligues (English translation)

English translation

Don´t force me

You´re saying that you don´t love me
but you cry while you talk
what your lips say today
your gaze say it´s a lie
You´re smashed in my hands
like leafless flowers
and in the meantime you´re nailing
the dagger of your words
Don´t force me to pretend that there is no pain
because separation hurts
Don´t force me to live a life without love
I don´t know what I´ll do without you
Don´t force me, don´t force me
I´m scared because I know that I will lose if I´ll play
don´t force me, don´t force me
to leave without knowing until when or why
don´t force me
Don´tt look me in my eyes when you ask me to go
I take you in my arms and now you don´t reject me anymore
I gently caress each line of your face
and when I kiss you I think you´re still in love
Don´t force me to doubt in your passion
don´t take away the illusion or the love
don´t force me to find another place
where everything is solitude without you
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No me obligues

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