Non la faccio più (English translation)

English translation

I Won't Do It Anymore

You synchronize your movements
Every gesture is well studied
Then you throw your hair up
you certainly have it planned
You softly close your eyes
maybe you think it's prettier
you're afraid that it may touch you,
it's your first striptease
And your mothers' shawl
look a bit at what end it meets
maybe she lent it to you
instead maybe she doesn't know
The velvet shirt
slowly falls down, then you tell me
"It's no good, you can't see anymore"
You cover your body with your hands
you look for a shadow for your blushing
you're convinced that you love me
and I don't deserve your love
You laugh and run around the room
you hide but I see you
Your discrete shudder looks like a dance step
And your mothers' shawl
look a bit at what end it meets,
the caresses that we give each other
no one will ever see them
A pearl of sweat
falls down your face
then you say to me uselessly
"I swear, I won't do it anymore"
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Non la faccio più

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Coopysnoopy    Fri, 28/09/2018 - 14:55

There are a few typing errors:
"Then you throw your hair up"
"You softly close your eyes"
"then you say to me uselessly"